4 Amazing and Strange Wedding Traditions From Different Countries

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

Weddings are a time for joy, love, and celebration. Mo matter where you are in the globe, the union of two people is always a special occasion. But did you know that wedding customs and rituals differ greatly from country to country? Thus, there are some that might seem downright bizarre to you.

Let’s take a fantastic journey around the world to discover the most bizarre and amazing wedding traditions you’ve probably never heard of. Prepare to be amazed and enthralled!

The Cuban Money Dance

One of the most exciting and distinctive wedding traditions in Cuba is the “money dance,” in which visitors pin money on the happy couple while they dance. 


Source: Pinterest

This spectacular display of gifts is a long-standing Cuban tradition representing the guests’ blessings and hopes for the newlyweds’ prosperity. The money can then be used for anything the couple wants, such as their honeymoon or settling into their new house.


Romania: A Ransom of Love

In Romania, a group of men generally kidnaps the bride during the wedding reception and transports her to a local bar or nightclub. The groom or godfather must then arrange a “ransom” to obtain her back. 


Source: Fairytale Bridal Tiara/Facebook

This contentious practice signifies the groom’s devotion to his bride and is a joyful and memorable feature of many Romanian weddings.

South Korea's Playful Flogging

In this unusual ceremony, the groom’s feet are bound together with a white cloth, and his friends and relatives whip him. While it may appear harsh, the flogging is intended to test the groom’s strength and character.


Source: Offstandard Studios/YouTube

During the lighthearted flogging, the bride frequently begs the floggers to stop, adding to the joyful and fun-loving aspect of the occasion. However, guests will frequently encourage the floggers to continue, providing for a memorable and enjoyable event.

Kenya: The Power of the Shaved Head

Kenyan women shave their hair in order to attract suitable husbands. This tradition holds that inner beauty and character are more significant than outward appearances. 


Source: Getty Images

Kenyans can form meaningful and lasting relationships based on mutual respect and gratitude by adopting this habit. Outsiders may find the ceremony strange, yet it is strongly established in Kenyan culture and has been practiced for decades.