A Prophet’s Astonishing 450-Year-Old Predictions About King Charles’ Twisted Fate Are Coming True

Published: Nov 19, 2023

For centuries, unveiling the secrets of Nostradamus’ prophecies has been a topic of fascination, and it looks like we may have finally cracked the code. According to one modern-day Nostradamus expert, the 16th-century visionary got some major prognoses spot on, including WWII, 9/11, and the date of Elizabeth II’s passing. 

But what does this mean for the future? Brace yourself because if the rest of what he prophesied is accurate, we’re in for some mind-blowing revelations about King Charles III. Let’s delve into the world of this legendary prophet! 

Who Is Nostradamus?

Michel de Notre Dame, well-known as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer and physician. He was born in Provence in 1503 and earned fame and a loyal following during his lifetime because of his prophecies.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Over the centuries, many have credited him for his accurate predictions of some pivotal events in history. These predictions were published in his book called Les Prophéties (The Prophecies), which are in three parts, in 1555, 1557, and 1568. 


Unveiling the Future: Nostradamus’ Shocking Prophecies Revealed

The expert in question is Mario Reading, who published the book Nostradamus: Complete Prophecies for the Future in 2005. In his book, Reading reveals a treasure trove of predictions that could change humanity’s course forever. 


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In the book’s intro, he contends that the famed future-seer predicted 9/11 centuries before it happened. This one provides even more confidence to his hunches for the future of both humanity and the planet. 

Who is Mario Reading?

Mario Reading was born in Bournemouth in 1953 to Gordon and Lieselotte Reading. A significant number of his years, for his upbringing, were spent in England, Germany, and the South of France. 


Source: Mario Reading/Facebook

Reading was a scholar that specialized in medieval French studies. Some of his notable works include his translation of the surviving verses of Nostradamus (1503-66). These verses were said to have been dictated by Nostradamus to his secretary while he had visions induced by hallucinogenic nutmeg. 

Burning Skies: Predicting 9/11?

Did Nostradamus predict the tragic events of 9/11 centuries before they occurred? The weird resemblance between his prophecy and the actual event is hard to ignore. The prediction translates to “two steel birds falling from the sky” and “fire approaching the great new city.” 


Source: Nostra/Pinterest

But is this just another case of loose translation over time? Could the original version, “Middle French,” hold more chilling revelations, or is it just a coincidence? Well, the sky may be burning, but the secrets of the past are about to be revealed.

Another Bone-Chilling Revelation: Nostradamus’ Prophecy About Hitler and WWII

Some claim that Nostradamus may have foreseen the second world war and the rise of Hitler, and his 1555 prediction is consientent. In the prophecy, he speaks of a child born “in the mountains of Austria” who will use his words to lead an army. 

Source: britannica.com

That’s not all—Nostradamus also references a “Hister,” which was probably the name of a river but many believe refers to the infamous dictator. Put it all together, and it still sounds pretty chilling. This is one prophecy you won’t ever forget. 


The Sudden Surge of Nostradamus’ Prognosis: The Shocking Reason Behind it All

For decades, Mario Reading’s book about Nostradamus lay forgotten on the shelves, barely selling a few copies weekly. But in September 2022, suddenly everything changed! People got desperate to get their hands on it, buying up copies in a frenzy. The reason? The passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Source: PHarry_Twitter/Twitter

Did Nostradamus foresee her death as well? Which of his other prophecies may come true in our lifetime? Let’s dive deeper into the secrets of this visionary’s predictions.


The Shocking Royal Truth Unveiled

Some may have dismissed Reading’s understanding of Nostradamus’ prophecies, but it turns out he was spot on about something: the Queen’s death. His book revealed a prediction that the late monarch would pass away circa 2022 at the age of around 96. 

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How could he be so sure about this? What other prophecies may be lurking in his writings? Read on to find out more truth that will leave you spellbound! 


Nostradamus’ Prophecy About King Charles III – Is His Reign Doomed to Fail?

Nostradamus’ prophecies have a knack for coming true, and the next may have dire consequences for King Charles III. According to the prophet, the people will force out the king because they disapprove of divorce and consider him unworthy. 

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Moreover, a man who never expected to be king will replace him, plunging the nation into tension. Is this prediction about to unfold before our very eyes? Let’s analyze the truth behind this jaw-dropping prediction and what it could mean for the future of the British monarchy


Royal Scandal Unleashed: The Divorce That May Bring Down the Monarchy

When Prince Charles chose Camilla Parker-Bowles over Diana, he sparked a scandal that shook the British monarchy to its core. Nostradamus’ prophecy predicted the consequences of this broken marriage, and the public’s objection to the future king has only grown stronger. 

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With his infidelity exposed, the tabloids had a field day, and the people’s trust in him was shattered. The Sun even ran a poll showing that two-thirds of participants thought he was unfit to rule. Is this the outset of the end for the monarchy? While we’re unsure, we are certain this scandal will have far-reaching upshots. 


The Future King's Islands

Mario Reading made a shocking prediction about the British monarchy’s future. According to him, after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, her son Charles will be crowned as the new monarch—but with a twist. 

Source: Brooke Newman/Twitter

What could that be? He will only be the “King of the Islands,” implying that former British colonies, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, will become independent republics by then. Could this be the future of the British monarch? Only time will tell. 


Monarchies Crumble as Countries Turn to Republics

This part of Nostradamus’ prediction, and Reading’s take on it, seems more tricky. Although Prince Charles is still technically the monarch of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, the trend toward republics is unequivocal.

Source: Mirror

Barbados has already cut ties with the monarchy, and other countries, including Jamaica, Belize, and the Bahamas, may soon follow suit.


Royal Resentments: The Dark Prophecy Surrounding Charles' Reign

The late Princess Diana’s demise has been a haunting memory for the British people, and Charles’ involvement in an affair only fueled their rage. Although Charles may have a chance at the throne, the scars of his past continue to haunt him. 

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Reading’s understanding of Nostradamus’ prophecy suggests that despite Charles being 74 when he became king in 2022, the British public will still hold a grudge over his treatment of Princess Diana. Will resentments impair his reign, or will he find his way to win over his subjects? 


The Tampongate Affair Haunts Prince Charles’ Reign

Despite being crowned as the King of England, Charles still struggles to escape the shadow of his past messy divorce. For instance, the Netflix hit The Crown recently brought the details of his infidelity to a new audience. 

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The recent dramatization of the “tampongate” conversation with Camilla is an embarrassing incident that the monarch wishes could be left in the past. Even as king, he can’t stop people from discussing his past affair. 


Heavy is the Head: Prince Charles’ Reign Predicted to End in Abdication

No one said being king was easy. According to Reading’s predictions, it will be a rough ride for Prince Charles. The weight of the crown and his advanced age will take their toll, leading him to abdicate in favor of his son. 

Source: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

The prospect of the royals “skipping a generation” had been talked about even before the Queen passed away. With this chatter already in the air, the future of the British monarchy hangs in the balance. 


The Royal Shake-Up: Will Prince Charles Pass the Crown to Prince William

As Prince Charles became king, speculation arose on whether he would renounce the throne in favor of his son, Prince William. With concerns about his advancing age, some believe this move may ensure the monarchy’s future success. 

Source: The Thin Blue Line/Pinterest

But will Charles step down and make way for a younger, more popular successor? The royal family and the British public may soon face a pivotal decision. 


A Long Shot Nostradamus Prophecy: Is Prince Harry Set to Become the Next King?

Nostradamus’ prophetic words have been the subject of much inference and interpretation, but one recent idea has sent shockwaves through the royal family. Could Prince Harry be destined to become King Henry IX, despite his position as sixth in line to the throne? 

Source: DailyMail/Pinterest

The prophecy’s reference to a monarch who “never expected to be king” has some wondering if Prince William’s path to the throne is derailed. With Harry just 38 years old, the drifts of this prediction may be massive. 


Fit for the Throne: Only Two Real Options

Could that scenario possibly happen? The Duke of Cambridge has long been expected to succeed his father, but what if the story changes? Only two options could see him miss out on the throne. The first will be if he surrenders, like his ancestor, the Duke of Windsor. 

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This means that his oldest son, Prince George, would become ruler of the UK, not William’s brother, Harry. So, what would happen if this prophecy were to come true? And is the world ready for King George or King Harry? 


Royal Intrigue: Surprising Succession Rules That Could Make Prince Harry King

The world is no stranger to the twists and turns of the royal family, but the recent revelation is truly astounding. Did you know that if the unexpected happened, and Prince Charles and Prince William were to pass away, a regent would be appointed to rule until the next heir came of age? 

Source: Hello/Pinterest

Guess who that might be? Yes, it would be Harry. The royal succession rules are complicated and full of surprises. This little-known fact could have huge effects on the future of the monarchy. 


From Spare to Ruler

Although being a regent isn’t the same as being king, it’s pretty close. As stated, if the unexpected happened, the regency would fall to Prince Harry. 

Source: Popsugar/Pinterest

With his experience and charisma, Harry is the most viable option for regent, and he could be thrust into the spotlight sooner than anyone ever imagined. But what of Prince Andrew? While this decision may look complicated, scandal-plagued Prince Andrew is almost certainly getting nowhere near the throne. 


Prince Andrew's Scandal And Why He Can't Be Prince

You might be wondering why Prince Andrew is getting nowhere near the throne. No doubt, the scandal regarding his controversial life and relationship with convicted pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, is one of the other factors that has affected his position in the royal family. 

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The Prince has had a life of my excesses for many decades, and the damage has left a permanent mark on his reputation. As a result, at the beginning of 2023, he was booted from the British monarchy’s headquarters.


Harry's Royal Ultimatum

Recent comments from Prince Harry have sent shockwaves through the monarchy, as he made clear he has no intention of returning as a full-time family member. This begs the question: Would he consider stepping up as regent, even in the event of a tragedy? 

Source: Glamour UK/Pinterest

The answer seems unlikely, given Harry’s recent statements and desire for an independent life. Anderson Cooper pressed the issue in a recent interview, and Harry’s direct response left no room for interpretation. 


Harry's Tension With His Family

Back in 2020, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped back from their roles within the British royal family. Their departure resulted in numerous explosive revelations because they accused some of Harry’s relatives of racism, aggression, and causing emotional clashes. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

These accusations have further raised many questions about the reality of the inner workings of the royal family. To date, these factors have greatly impacted Harry’s relationship with the royal family.


Family Ties in Painful Times

In tragic times, family is often the one constant that provides comfort and support. Prince Harry may have stepped down from his royal duties, but recent comments still suggest that his ties to his family remain strong. 

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Despite the pain and tension between him and his brother, Harry made it clear that he still loves him. In the event of a family tragedy, he could step up to the plate to help his young nephew, George. Time will tell if Harry’s love for his family can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. 


How Were Some of the Predictions Accurate?

You may wonder: how could some of his predictions have been accurate? Basically, Nostradamus claimed that he based his published predictions on judicial astrology. Judicial astrology is the art of forecasting future occurrences through calculations of the planets and stellar bodies in relationship to the Earth. 

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Some scholars are of the opinion that he paraphrased end-of-the-world predictions (mostly from the Bible) and then, through astrological readings of the past, projected these events into the future.