A Wealth of Mystery: Inside the Mafia Manor That Belonged to Al Capone

Published: Nov 11, 2023

Known infamous gangster Al Capone lived a truly remarkable life. Capone seemingly had it all in the roaring 1920s and 1930s – from lavish nightclubs to notorious leisure activities most could only dream of. 

Though he is remembered for his violent crime and mob-related activities, he apparently had a beautiful mansion in Vermont that served as his sanctuary when it was time to get away from it all and make those ‘special deals.’ The majestic estate still stands today, holding secrets that may never be revealed about one of history’s most iconic criminals. We’ll also look at similar abodes around the world later on.

A Majestic Piece of Real Estate

At first glance, this charming yellow manor invites you, with its cheery warmth, to explore its secrets and delve into the dark stories behind its ancient walls. Those secrets are intriguing: a hidden basement? Only those who venture beyond the 8,000-square-foot facade will know.


Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

And don’t forget the gangster links—rumor has it that they can be traced back to this very home! When you purchase this majestic property, sitting on 5.7 acres of peaceful land, you’ll be taking ownership of more than just a building; you’ll be unlocking a lifetime of memories and tales created since 1818.


Rumors Come and Go

The historic manor near the Missisquoi River in Vermont is seemingly untouched by time, so it’s easy to imagine the ghostly forms of runaway slaves seeking refuge there during the Underground Railroad era of the 1800s. Nestled on the shores of Goose Bay, Lake Champlain, and surrounded by towering fir trees, this 1818 relic was made to captivate; built by Captain Steve Keyes and then sold to a doctor in 1870—this is precisely when one rather curious rumor kicks off.


Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

Legend tells us there have been strange sightings in and around the property ever since; perhaps scholars searching for a better understanding of this piece of history today will find some answers where the past still speaks.

Creepy Tales Keep on Coming

Though its gothic exterior may seem quiescent, the Dr. Henry Baxter Manor holds many secrets for those who dive beneath its seemingly tranquil façade. Built in 1860 by the mysterious confections mogul himself, the manor was not only home to his family but also a flourishing medical practice. But is it true that Dr. Baxter performed experiments on his children?


Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

Local legend states yes, and if you believe in this story—even a little—you’ll tremble as you cross the threshold into this 27-room house. What else could be lurking behind the tales of civil engineers mining its darkly evocative tunnels? Who knows what stories the walls will tell if given a chance? We do know, however, that something extraordinary awaits exploration at the Dr. Henry Baxter Manor!

A Beauty Inside and Out

Step inside this majestic 8,000-square-foot wonder, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a regal atmosphere deeply reminiscent of an earlier era. Everywhere your eyes wander, they are met with the grandeur of classic details: pumpkin pie flooring, chestnut woodwork, ornate wallpaper, and ceilings soaring 10 feet overhead, which all beautifully come together to create a harmonious yet majestic ambiance.


Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

Anyone will feel as if time has stood still when encountering the two gorgeous Mable Rumford fireplaces situated at either side of the living room and parlor space, as well as stumbling across the accompanying library that is adjoined by its own private entrance.

Adding a Modern Touch

Step into the past with all the modern conveniences to make cooking an enjoyable experience. This newly remodeled kitchen is truly something special, featuring a classic worktop of polished soapstone and crafted cabinets, a professional-standard stove, and a built-in wine rack. For those needing more storage, there’s a walk-in pantry full of possibilities that can be accessed via beautiful French doors.

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

To top it all off, you can entertain friends and family in the adjacent formal dining room for occasions big and small. Experience old-world charm with all the latest amenities – just perfect for making your kitchen dreams a reality!


There’s Enough Room for Everybody

The second floor of this grand estate property is truly opulent. From the sumptuous decor to the vast amount of living space it offers, one can lose themselves in luxury. With five bedrooms spread throughout the floor, a whole family could enjoy their luxe slice of paradise and look out on breathtaking views from huge, arch-topped windows.

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

Those seeking even more privacy can retreat to another two bedrooms on the third floor. There’s also a veranda that overlooks almost 6 acres of glorious land—perfect for admiring the sunsets or sipping hot cocoa beneath a blanket of stars. Truly, with each level boasting its own wonders, it’s not difficult to understand why this property is so sought after!


A Secret Underground Tunnel

Tucked away in the quaint village of Highgate Springs lies an old property that holds some mysterious secrets. In 1957, a 2,500-square-foot ballroom with a vaulted ceiling and exposed beams was added to the structure. Inside, one can find a custom bar, stage, and even a commercial kitchen.

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

The most intriguing feature is the underground tunnel beneath the property leading up to the nearby Missisquoi River. We’re left wondering what its use could be in the modern day; has anyone explored its depths and found out?


Once Home to a Legend

If walls could talk, this small property on the border of Canada and the United States would have quite a story to tell. According to its listing agent, Stacie M. Callan of Century 21 MRC, this house has quite a colorful past. Allegedly, during Prohibition, when Al Capone was smuggling alcohol across the border, he chose this property as one of his stopping points.

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

Whether or not this infamous guest made an appearance is unknown; however, it adds intrigue and mystique to what is already a fascinating real estate history.


It’s A Manor Unlike Any Other

The expansive estate has seen its share of visitors over the years, some welcome and some not so much. It’s impossible to think of a place with such a past and not be intrigued by what secrets it could hold. A few different accommodations and activities have been hosted there; it’s currently perfect for someone looking to start up a bed and breakfast with a twist. 

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

With seven bedrooms, inviting views, and a gangster vibe, why not turn this already extraordinary building into a space of mystery, fun, and stories? Creepy local legends, criminals on the loose: imagine sipping your coffee during breakfast the next day in speculation about who stayed the night before! An experience indeed worthy of royalty.


More Where That Came From

Historic houses are the stuff of stories and dreams, full of captivating histories, ancient tales, and fascinating mysteries. From iconic landmarks to forgotten ruins, these stately homes have sheltered generation after generation of powerful families and famous faces.

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

With deep roots in centuries past, a grandiose home may still be waiting to tell its story – if only you were brave enough to listen. But with prices that are off the charts, who will be brave enough to unlock all their secrets? Let’s check out more homes with incredible history and explore remarkable stories from times long since gone by.


Transforming an Old Norfolk Tollhouse

This converted tollhouse in the picturesque and ancient British town of Litcham, Norfolk, is currently on the market for a reasonable $802,000. Before being transformed into the Litcham Historical Society’s museum and headquarters in 1912, this Grade II-listed building served as the town tollhouse. However, thanks to a meticulous renovation by the current owners, the building is now a comfortable residence while still keeping much of its historic character and beauty.

Source: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 / wikicommons

There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms spread over the property’s 2,560 square feet of space. The home also features its original hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork, and wooden beams. It’s a magnificent property from all angles!


Maintaining Its Charm Through the Years

In the back of the house is the main reception area, which features high vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, exposed flint and brickwork painted in warm, neutral hues, and a comfortable wood-burning stove — all of which make it an ideal spot for friends and family to meet.

Source: N Chadwick / wikicommons

The estate’s formal lawn, garden, and woodlands include a total of 1.5 acres and are home to several native animals, such as hedgehogs, badgers, and a wide variety of birds. Indeed, this beautifully kept property is the ideal rural hideaway for a young family since it has both historic beauty and modern conveniences.


A Jewel in the Scottish Mountains

Cairness House, a historic mansion on 16 acres of Scottish highland, was designed by James Playgoer and finished by Sir John Soane, one of the best architects of the Regency period. Country Life called Cairness House “one of Europe’s greatest neoclassical houses,” and it is hidden from view at the end of a mile-long drive that winds through the countryside and is guarded by two stone sphinxes.

Source: Harrydelavigne / wikicommons

James Playfair was inspired to redesign the interior to reflect the classical style that was then popular. Even the Etruscan library room, with its grand color scheme inspired by old painted terracotta pots, features original plasterwork. The original home was constructed by Robert Burn between 1781 and 1872; Playfair renovated and enlarged it ten years later.


Behold Aberdeenshire’s Hidden Gem

The description for Cairness House calls it the “final manifestation of the Enlightenment ideals of the late 18th century,” praising the home’s neoclassical architecture, interior design, and furnishings. There are seven separate parlor rooms that run in a long enfilade, all of which face south and offer expansive views across the rolling grasslands of Aberdeenshire.

Source: Urbex And Chill / Youtube

There is a four-acre walled garden outside, surrounded by a picturesque semi-circle of structures, that is attractively planted with fruit trees and framed by giant conifers. To further celebrate the Queen’s golden jubilee, a small arboretum of about 150 young specimen trees was grown elsewhere. There are also two gated lodges here, both built in 1891; one of them has been updated as a vacation rental home.


A Castle in New York

This turreted castle may be from the Middle Ages and located in Eastern Europe so you wouldn’t be far off. This lovely home was constructed in 1929 and is located in Irvington, New York. Let’s take a look around the mansion, which is now for sale for a little over $1.6 million, and think about all the famous people who formerly lived there.

Source: King of Hearts / wikicommons

The original homeowners of the New York castle, Irvington residents Joseph Keen and his wife, gave the structure its current moniker, Villa Keen, before selling it to Broadway composer Robert Wright. The 3,500 square feet of Cinderella-worthy interiors include things like Austrian crystal chandeliers, imposing stone pillars, and Mackenzie-Childs fittings.


Stars Once Lived Here

One of the reception areas features a Chesney fireplace mantle and a gilt dressing mirror that look out into the garden and are illuminated by the same elaborate stained-glass window that can be seen in the turret bedroom.

Source: A. & J. Bool / wikicommons

Hollywood royalty such as Shirley Jones (Oscar winner), Jack Cassidy (Tony winner), and their son Shaun Cassidy (multi-platinum recording artist) formerly resided here, and we’re sure they appreciated the high-end decor. Spread out across approximately two and a half acres, the pool at Villa Keen is surrounded by plenty of comfortable lounge chairs where the villa’s stylish guests may relax and take in the scenery.


A Gorgeous Connecticut Mansion

This extraordinary Lyme, Connecticut mansion is an architectural triumph, an ideal fusion of two separate historic structures. Originally built in 1760, this colonial-style mansion has been a landmark over Hamburg Cove. But in 1989, the home got an unusual addition: the full Captain John Mansfield House, which had been moved from Wallingford, Connecticut, and rebuilt as an annex to the old colonial.

Source: Glen Bowman / wikicommons

As with the Mansfield house, the new kitchen connecting the two places includes double-height ceilings and enormous arched windows—both of which were stolen from the adjacent Middlebury College. This property comprises two connected homes with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The lower level of the old house, which was constructed into a barrier, provided access to the grounds, which had a rose garden with a fountain, an arbor, and a garden house.


It Has the Best of Both Worlds

The property is a hybrid of two architectural types, and its interior design reflects this. Both the Mansfield and 1760 homes are perfect time capsules, featuring original hardwood flooring, exposed beam ceilings, fireplaces, mantles, wainscotting, and molding details, while the (relatively) newly constructed kitchen and dining area feature more modern décor, making prominent use of the striking exterior’s shade of pink.

Source: Glen Bowman / wikicommons

Offering a total of 5,536 square feet of living space and resting on a 6.7-acre site, the property is now advertised for a little under $1.8 million. There’s also a big post-and-beam barn on the land, which was relocated from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Sure enough, this architecturally diverse property has so many exciting features that it would be perfect for any history buff.


A Millionaire’s Dream Home

Welker F. Henning, the first self-made billionaire in Casper, Wyoming, built this magnificent residence in 1924. Located at 11th and Wolcott Streets, the estimated $6.9 million blonde brick palace continues to be a point of interest.

Source: NCinDC / wikicommons

After getting a private tour of the mansion, Casper Sunday Tribune writer Arnold B. Larson referred to it as a “luxurious treasure land, a Hollywood set of unparalleled gorgeousness.” We’re not shocked at all, what with the Chinese tapestry lining the reception hall, the candelabras, and the original artwork.


It’s Decked with Intricate Designs

The wood-paneled library of the ostentatious Henning estate has a writing desk, big multi-paned windows, and a second chandelier. The expansive home also has a vast ballroom; however, the Hennings allegedly did not enjoy hosting parties.

Source: CEphoto / wikicommons

Although their five-bedroom Wyoming property looks like a picture-perfect home from the outside, the couple actually had a rocky marriage. According to reports, Lucille Henning was awarded $110,000 in a divorce settlement “based on claimed indignities and excessive cruelty” after a 10-day trial in Buffalo. William never left the mansion he cherished, living there until the day he passed away. The Henning Mansion, a piece of millionaire enchantment, is available through Lisa Burridge & Associates Real Estate for slightly under $2.4 million.


Another Scottish Castle in the Area

How about a castle from Scotland in the state of Kansas now? Located in beautiful Wichita, Kansas, the Campbell Castle has earned a spot on the local, state, and national registers of historic places. Colonel Burton Harvey Campbell and his wife Ellen allegedly had a replica of a Scottish Richardsonian Romanesque castle built between 1886 and 1888. 

Source: William Starkey / wikicommons

Wait till you see what’s inside if the outside has aroused your curiosity. The main home has 15,000 square feet of area, including a carriage house, and features a magnificent lobby with soaring ceilings, antique limestone walls, and stained-glass windows. And believe it or not, the staircase is 300 years old!


A Fairytale House Turned Reality

Col. Campbell brought all of the European fittings, such as the hand-carved fretwork, the several fireplaces, and the German stained glass, to the house. This pink and wood-paneled beauty is one of the six Whirlpool tubs in the hotel’s 17 guestrooms.

Source: Tom Jervis / wikicommons

Aside from to the gourmet kitchen, there is a solarium, a basement with a wet bar, and a coffee bar. You may drink your morning coffee on one of three balconies on the second floor or out on the main turret’s open rooftop, which both provide spectacular views of the Little Arkansas River and the Wichita skyline. Listed through Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, the price of Campbell Castle has been reduced to $3.5 million.


Remembering Pride and Prejudice

This pretty pastel pink house may look familiar to fans of the 1995 BBC TV miniseries Pride and Prejudice, in which it appeared as the Longbourn estate, the Bennet family home. Fortunately for Austen fans, a real-life version of Luckington Court in the picturesque English Cotswolds has recently been listed for sale for the bargain price of $6.1 million.

Source: Peter Craine / wikicommons

The building is not just culturally significant but also has historical value. According to oral history, King Harold II possessed the manor now known as Luckington Court before his death at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The property was documented in the Domesday Book as “Lochintone.” The 11th-century manor house on this Grade II-listed property had its first major makeover and extension in 1632.


A Home with a Lot of Potential

The home was constructed out of creamy Cotswolds stone and retains many of its original features, such as the parquet floors, inglenook fireplaces, panel molding, enclosed staircase with turned balusters, and elegant triple-aspect stone loggia, which is accessible from both the indoors and outdoors via French doors.

Source: Curtatlanta / wikicommons

In addition to the main house, there are five smaller cottages on the property, a stable block, agricultural buildings, an outdoor riding arena, and a classic limestone dovecote dating back to the 17th century. Although the property is being marketed as an equestrian facility, it may also be developed for commercial purposes, and the spectacular residence provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to indulge in your creative ambitions in the lap of luxury.


Stunning Sixteenth-Century Style

This majestic castle in Leuchars, Fife, is one of the best preserved from the 16th century and appears like something out of a fairytale. In 1546, Sir William Bruce built Earlshall Castle as a hunting lodge for the Earls of Fife, a royal family related to King Robert the de Bruce.

Source: james denham / wikicommons

The castle is presently on the market for $9.8 million, and its impressive history includes hosting both Mary, Queen of Scots, and James VI of Scotland, subsequently James I of England. There are rumors that the castle’s spiral staircase still echoes the footsteps of the legendary Sir Andrew the Bloody Bruce, Baron of Earlshall.


It Had a Walled Garden

Apparently, a massive granite fireplace honors Alexander Bruce’s marriage, and the entire 50-foot ceiling is covered in painted coats of arms, including those of European monarchs, Scottish aristocracies, and even some made-up families. The castle has ten bedrooms, two dressing rooms, six bathrooms, and eight stunning reception spaces.

Source: Jack Boucher / wikicommons

You’ll have plenty of room to spread out here since the castle itself spans 8,398 square feet, and there are also three cottages, several outbuildings, and a garage large enough to fit five cars. A famous walled garden, also constructed by Sir Robert Lorimer, can be found on the castle’s 53 acres of grounds, which is sure to satisfy the needs of nature lovers.


A Spectacular Gilded Age Mansion

During the summers of the Gilded Age, this magnificent mansion was the getaway of Emily T. Vanderbilt and William D. Sloane, granddaughter, and husband of tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt. The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, like Newport, Rhode Island, was a favorite summer getaway for the wealthy of New York City in the 19th century.

Source: Miscellaneous Items in High Demand / wikicommons

The Vanderbilts had the house enlarged several times during their stay, and it is now the most significant shingle-style home in the United States, at 55,000 square feet, with more than 65 rooms. Homeowners transferred the National Register-listed Berkshire “cottage” to its present owners as recently as 2012, making it one of the oldest homes in the area.


Home of the Talented Billie Holiday

Located on a tranquil street in Manhattan’s lush Upper West Side, this little brownstone was formerly home to jazz great Billie Holiday in the early 20th century. This beautifully restored and renovated Renaissance Revival townhouse features seven bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms while retaining its classical details. With a price tag of just under $13 million, you may own this spectacular residence steeped in architectural and musical heritage.

Source: The Library of Congress / wikicommons

Despite its narrow width of 20 feet, the 6-story property provides 6,300 square feet of usable area. Lastly, a private patio with ample space for a lounging area and a dining table is a rare find in the Big Apple.


It’s the Perfect ‘Holiday’ Home

The home is open, bright, and spacious with enormous windows, towering 10- and 12-foot ceilings, and a skylight, with new white oak flooring accented by mahogany and maple details throughout. The first two floors include a mud room, private office, formal dining room, gorgeous marble-clad kitchen, huge gathering areas, and a wet bar; however,, vino-lovers will be glad to discover a wine cellar in the basement!

Source: Ed Yourdon / wikicommons

The third level is planned as the home’s principal suite, with its sitting space, fireplace, and dressing room. The hotel-quality ensuite boasts heated flooring, a soaking tub, two basins, and a spa shower with white marble accents. There’s also a separate private library with a fireplace. Which of these mansions made it to the bucket list already?