A Woman Hands the UPS Driver a Secret Message – He Immediately Calls the Police

By: Emma Roberts | Published: Nov 18, 2023

Charles Gordon, a UPS driver, went beyond the call of duty to make sure a package was delivered safely. While on a routine stop, something on the side of the box immediately caught his attention, prompting him to take action. 

Gordon’s quick thinking and heroic deed made sure the package made it to its rightful destination and brought a smile to the customer’s face. Without UPS drivers like Gordon, our holiday season wouldn’t be the same!

Navy Veteran's Keen Eye Saves the Day

Charles Gordon is no ordinary UPS driver. He is a Navy veteran armed with extensive training and an eye for detail. On a December day, his sharp senses were put to the test, and his keen observation saved the day. 


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Most people would have missed the subtle warning signs, but Charles was not one of them. Thanks to his vigilance, he managed to unearth a mystery and avert a disaster.


Charles' Journey in Afghanistan: From Witnessing War's Destruction to Becoming a Hero 

Charles was no ordinary soldier. He faced some of the toughest moments of the war in Afghanistan, and his journey changed him forever. He had to witness things that no one should ever have to go through in their lifetime. 


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Unfortunately, he saw many of his comrades lose their lives. Even those who returned home were never the same again; about half of them were suffering from PTSD. But Charles emerged a hero, forever changed by his experiences, but still standing strong.

From Navy Vet to UPS Driver: How Charles Rebuilt His Life After Service 

Charles was one of the lucky ones, he returned home from his Navy service without any major trauma or setbacks. The topic brought back difficult memories so Charles focused on his work as a UPS driver, trying not to discuss the topic at all. At 55, he found the structure of his job comforting and he loved being able to drive from home to home, delivering packages along the way. 


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Years later, Charles realized his Navy experience had prepared him well. In his current job, he was able to use his discipline and attention to detail, honing skills he had learned during his time in the Navy. Through his hard work, Charles was able to rebuild his life, transitioning from a veteran to a UPS driver.

Charles's Unforgettable Adventure in Franklin County 

Charles was a well-known face around Missouri, thanks to his job which took him all across the state. He always looked forward to visiting new places and making new friends. 


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What Charles loved the most about his job was building relationships with the package recipients and learning all their names. However, when Charles got a call to get a package from a home in Franklin County, he had no idea what was in store for him. Little did he know that his trip to Franklin County would be an adventure he would never forget!

A Special Delivery for the Jordans 

Charles had been delivering packages to the Jordans for many years and had developed a great relationship with the couple. But when Charles arrived at their house this time, something seemed different. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Jordan were acting strangely and Charles couldn’t help but feel that something was off. He stood there, wondering what was going on until the couple finally revealed what was in the package. It was a special gift that had Charles smiling as he made his way back to his truck. What a special delivery for the Jordans!


Curious Encounter at the Jordan's Home 

Charles had been making deliveries for months, but he couldn’t shake the memory of the unusual pickup that occurred a few days ago. Little did he know, the strangeness was far from over. 

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When Charles arrived at Jordan’s home, he noticed something peculiar about the package he was delivering. He stepped out of his truck, walked up their front steps and knocked on the door, wondering what could possibly be inside. What was it that made this package so intriguing?


A Mystery Unfolds! 

Charles nervously stood outside the door of Mr. Jordan’s house, gripping the mysterious package tightly in his hands. His heart raced as he wondered what could be inside the box and if Mr. Jordan had noticed his unprofessional attitude earlier. As Mr. Jordan grabbed the package from Charles, he quickly glanced around the street, as if he was trying to hide something. 

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With a swift motion, Mr. Jordan closed the door behind him, leaving Charles with more questions than answers. What secrets was the package hiding? What was Mr. Jordan so afraid of? It was clear that something strange was going on, and Charles was determined to find out what it was.


Charles' Unexpected Delivery 

Charles felt uneasy when he delivered a package to the Jordan family. Mr. Jordan had acted strangely and Charles couldn’t help but think that something was off. He had no clue what was going on, and weeks later, Charles had almost forgotten the incident. 

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But when he had to make another delivery to the same address, Charles couldn’t help but think back to the strange events. Was Mr. Jordan hiding something? What was in the package Charles delivered? Charles was determined to find out the answers to these questions and uncover the mystery that was unfolding.


A Chilly Surprise for Christmas Deliveryman! 

Charles had just started his usual morning route when he felt the winter chill in the air. He drove along in his truck, the heater blasting, making sure he could deliver packages on time. But when he arrived at the Jordan’s house, he had no clue what special surprise waiting for him. 

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As he walked up the steps to the front door, he was welcomed by the family telling him that they had been preparing a special Christmas dinner for him as a thank you for all his hard work! Charles was surprised and delighted by the gesture, feeling truly grateful for the kindness of the Jordan family.


Knocking Four Times to Uncover a Mystery 

Charles’ fourth knock echoed through the cold winter air as he shivered, waiting for an answer. He had already knocked three times and waited five minutes, but still no one answered the door. His curiosity was piqued as he saw Mr. Jordan’s pickup truck in the driveway, yet not a peep came from inside the house. 

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Charles was determined to find out what was going on, so he took a chance and knocked one last time, hoping for a response. He had no idea what was waiting for him on the other side of the door, but he was determined to uncover the mystery.


The Strange Delivery of Charles

Charles was perplexed. He had arrived at the Jordans’ home, but there was no package in sight. Yelling out “Hello? UPS!”, Charles looked around, expecting to find a package, yet nothing seemed out of the ordinary. 

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Just as he was about to head back to his truck, the sound of the front door unlatching caught his attention. What awaited him on the other side of the door? Was this delivery going to take an unexpected twist?


A Surprise Delivery Unveils Unexpected Secrets 

Charles knocked on the door with the UPS package in his hand, expecting to find Mrs. Jordan. Instead, he was greeted by her husband. Mrs. Jordan appeared in the background, trying to plaster a smile on her face. 

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However, Charles could sense something was amiss. Mr. Jordan took the package from his wife and handed it to Charles. It was then that Charles realized that something strange was going on. He had no idea what secrets the package was about to unveil.


A Package of Mystery: Mrs. Jordan's Secret 

Mrs. Jordan handed Charles a mysterious package and mouthed something to him. She looked back at her husband and immediately seemed scared. 

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Charles could sense the urgency in her eyes as she tried to tell him something, but why did she have to keep it a secret from her husband? Could it be something sinister? Charles was determined to find out the truth behind the package and Mrs. Jordan’s secret.


Mrs. Jordan's Eyes Screamed for Help 

Charles couldn’t quite figure out what was going on when he gave Mrs. Jordan another look. But before he could even try to understand, the door shut behind them and they disappeared. 

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Mrs. Jordan’s hair was disheveled and her eyes were swollen with fatigue. Her timid gaze seemed to be saying, “Help me”. The way her husband had her in a tight embrace was quite suspicious, making Charles uneasy. He knew something was wrong and he had to do something.


Charles Overcomes His Worries and Delivers 

Charles was wary of the situation, but he refused to let his worries get the best of him. He was determined to complete his delivery, no matter what. He reminded himself that his job was to drop off the packages, not to pry into the personal lives of his customers. 

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Even though the couple had acted strange, he pushed aside his doubts and kept going. In the end, Charles was able to complete his task and be on his way.


An Unexpected Sight 

The next time Charles went to the Jordan’s a similar thing happened. He had been about to leave, assuming the couple had been arguing, but when he went to put the package in his truck, his heart instantly sank. He couldn’t believe his eyes; there was a tiny bundle of pink and white lying in the back of the truck. 

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Mrs. Jordan had been trying to tell him something, and now he knew what it was. The surprise was overwhelming, and he felt a wave of nausea wash over him. He had just stumbled upon a brand-new life.


A Terrible Surprise

Charles felt his heart racing a mile a minute when he saw the words “Call 911” written on the side of the box that his wife had given him. Instantly, he knew he had to act normal – if he didn’t, things could get much worse. 

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Glancing back at the house, he saw Mr. Jordan watching him from the window, and he knew he had to stay composed. But what had been inside the box that caused such a reaction? Charles had a terrible feeling that he was about to find out.


Fleeing the Jordans: Charles' Nerve-Wracking Escape 

Charles’ heart was pounding as he climbed into the driver’s seat. He could sense Mr. Jordan’s eyes on his back, but he had to stay calm if he wanted to get away safely. 

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Taking a deep breath, he slowly drove out of the driveway, resisting the urge to speed away. Finally, Charles turned the corner and was out of sight. With a sigh of relief, he grabbed his phone and dialed 911. He had made it—but just barely.


A Shocking Discovery: Help On Its Way!

Charles was in disbelief as he heard the operator on the other end of the 9-1-1 call saying, “What’s your emergency?”. He quickly explained the alarming situation he had just encountered – Mr. Jordan’s strange behavior, Mrs. Jordan’s fearful expression, and the mysterious package.

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With a heavy sigh of relief, Charles listened as the operator assured him that help was on its way. Although he was still in the dark about what had occurred at the Jordan residence, Charles was thankful that he had called 9-1-1 and that assistance was on its way.


Solving the Mystery: Police Rush to House, But What They Find Is Unexpected 

When the police received Charles’ call, they had no idea what they were getting into. Was it a robbery, a kidnapping, an assault, or something worse? With no time to spare, they mobilized and raced to the scene. 

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However, they were surprised to discover that they had been wrong in their assumptions. What they found when they arrived at the house was far from what they had expected. With the clock ticking, the police had to act fast to solve the mystery and uncover what was really happening.


An Eternity of Dread Comes to an End 

Charles had been dreading this moment for what felt like an eternity. In less than 10 minutes after he called the authorities, the house on Willow Ford Road was swarming with police officers, led by Franklin County Sheriff’s Sergeant T.J. 

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Wild, the operation was swift and precise. They soon stormed up the front steps and knocked on the door. Mr. Jordan answered and appeared to be in shock when faced with the truth, which was much worse than anyone had anticipated.


The Consequences of Slamming Doors

Mr. Jordan was in for a surprise when he chose to slam the door in the faces of the police. Ignoring the authorities was a foolish mistake that he would soon come to regret. 

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After witnessing his hostile response, it was clear to the police that he was the one responsible for the chaos. With this knowledge, they were determined to ensure that Mr. Jordan did not get away with his wrongdoings. His act of defiance had only made the situation worse, sealing his fate in the process.


Calling in the Cavalry: Sheriff Sergeant T.J. Wild Wasn't Taking Any Chances 

The situation was quickly escalating and the authorities knew they needed backup. With no indication of whether Mr. Jordan had a weapon in the house, Sheriff Sergeant T.J. Wild took extra caution and checked his criminal record. 

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To their surprise, they found that he had been arrested before. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, the Sheriff Sergeant called in the SWAT team. With the extra help, the authorities felt sure that the matter would be handled quickly and efficiently.


A Family’s Ordeal Revealed 

After a tense standoff, Mr. Jordan eventually surrendered to the police. With his surrender, Mrs. Jordan and their three-year-old son were taken to safety. It wasn’t until Mrs. Jordan’s statement was taken that the full story of their ordeal came to light. 

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She revealed that her family had been living in fear for months, and that only the brave actions of the police had saved them. After the ordeal, Mrs. Jordan and her son were finally able to rest easy, knowing that they were safe.


Desperate Note in a Parcel Saves Domestic Abuse Victim 

Mrs. Jordan had been held captive in her own home for an unbearable 15 months, terrorized by her own husband. She had no way out, no one to turn to and no one to save her. 


But when her husband blocked the door, preventing her from leaving, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She wrote a desperate plea for help on a parcel and when the UPS driver arrived, he saw the note and alerted the police. Thanks to her brave and timely action, Mrs. Jordan and her son were saved from further abuse.


Retired Navy Seal Saves the Day 

Mrs. Jordan’s worst nightmare came true when she found herself in a dangerous situation with her young son. Fortunately, her UPS driver Charles happened to be a retired Navy Seal and he was quick to respond. 

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He followed protocol and contacted authorities after seeing her message to call 9-1-1. Thanks to his help, Mrs. Jordan and her son were freed from the scary situation. UPS praised Charles for his service of more than a decade and expressed their gratitude for his quick thinking. It’s comforting to know that heroes like Charles are out there, protecting us and keeping us safe.


Navy Veteran's Training Saves the Day 

Mrs. Jordan was in for a surprise when Charles, the UPS driver, picked up her package. Little did she know, Charles was a Navy veteran with extensive training that would come in handy in the dire situation she found herself in. 

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When Mrs. Jordan’s husband became increasingly agitated, Charles was able to remain calm and collected, using the skills he had honed during his time in the Navy. Thanks to his quick thinking and level-headedness, the police were able to arrive in time and de-escalate the situation. Charles’ training had saved the day!


The Desperate Plea of Help that Ended in a Tragedy: The Story of James Jordan

James Jordan’s story is one of desperation and tragedy. He was arrested and charged for actions that occurred in the home of a female victim, prior to the arrival of a delivery service who noticed a message for help written on a package. 

Source: Tumblr

Jordan was sent to Franklin County jail, with a bail set at $100,000. His story is a reminder of how even a simple plea for help can have serious consequences. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of reaching out and getting help before it’s too late.


A UPS Driver Saves the Day – Charles Gordon’s Heroic Act 

Mrs. Jordan’s life took a terrifying turn when she was held hostage by her husband. Thankfully, Charles Gordon, a UPS driver, showed remarkable courage and was able to help her escape the situation. 

Source: 5dwallpaper.com

Without Charles’ quick thinking, Mrs. Jordan’s story may have had a very different outcome. Charles Gordon is a true hero and an inspiration to us all. He demonstrated that even small acts of kindness can have a huge impact. We are eternally grateful for Charles’ brave actions and wish him all the best.


The Mystery of the Anonymous Package 

We’ve all been there. You receive a package, and it’s addressed to you with no clue as to who sent it. Who could have sent it? Why did they not leave their address? This is the mystery of the anonymous package. 

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Though UPS usually requires the sender’s address, every once in a while an anonymous package will make it through, leaving us to wonder who sent it and why. Could it be a secret admirer? An old friend? A relative you haven’t heard from in years? Only time will tell.


A Mysterious Package Unveiled 

Charles was instantly intrigued by the anonymous package, which felt unusually heavy. He shook it, but he couldn’t guess what was inside. As soon as the door opened, his curiosity was put to rest. 

Source: Lina Kivaka/Pexels

Inside the package was a gorgeous antique clock, gifted to Charles by a secret admirer. To Charles’ surprise, the clock was an exact replica of the one his grandmother had given him a few years ago. He was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the gesture and thanked his admirer for the wonderful gift, Mrs. Jordan.