Strange Blue Spiral Illuminates Alaska’s Nighttime Sky

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 01, 2023

Very recently, stargazers in Alaska were treated to an unusual sight; an eerie, pale blue spiral that appeared in the night sky. Amidst the typical emerald green hues, a captivating pale blue spiral appeared, leaving observers awe-struck. 

But is that a sign of extraterrestrial activity? Was it a UFO or a sign of a portal to another dimension? Hold on! The real explanation might not be as strange as it seems. So, let’s find out the truth behind this weird phenomenon.

SpaceX Spectacle: Elon Musk’s Cosmic Show

The truth behind the odd appearance is closer to Earth than you can imagine! The jaw-dropping blue spiral was caused by excess fuel released from a SpaceX rocket launched by Elon Musk from California. This had happened merely three hours before the unusual occurrence. 


Source: The Aurora Chasers/ YouTube

This isn’t the first time Musk’s ambitious space endeavors have brought about similar phenomena, as Hawaii and New Zealand also witnessed similar sights in January and last summer, respectively.


The Breathtaking Truth Revealed

In a dazzling polar launch from California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base, SpaceX’s Falcon Rocket 9 flew with an impressive payload of 51 spacecraft! This was a part of their Transporter-7 mission. 


Source: Wion/ Twitter

But, little did anyone know that the spectacular show had just started. Three hours after the rocket soared, a blue spiral emerged. But what was the secret? The truth is as fantastic as the spectacle—water vapor in the rocket’s exhaust fluids was the culprit! 

From Internet Storms to Alien Theories

The Geophysical Institute’s all-sky camera captured a swirly cloud during a Northern Lights show. This sparked an internet frenzy, with photographers sharing their photos on social media. One Twitter user jokingly noted how they thought Aliens had arrived. 


Source: Expeditions Alaska/ Pinterest

But that was not the case. Instead, experts revealed that it is not extraterrestrial activity but a phenomenon caused by the Falcon 9 rocket venting excess fuel during its descent into the ocean. As the fuel freezes and crystallizes, the sun illuminates the spiral. Thus, resulting in a display that left the world captivated. 

Revolutionizing the Internet From Space

SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, has launched over 3,500 Starlink satellites into orbit. The plan is to expand to a staggering 30,000 satellites in the sky and to transform how the world connects. 


Source: Starlink/ Wikimedia Commons

While satellite internet has faced high latency challenges in the past, Starlink is a game-changer. Intending to provide high-speed internet to remote areas, Musk envisions a future where 3 billion people gain affordable access to the online world. What’s more is that the ambitious project also sets out to fund a city on Mars, propelling humanity into new frontiers of exploration.