Hybrid ‘Super Pigs’ are Spreading in Canada and Soon Heading to the U.S.

By: Danny Fisher | Last updated: Nov 04, 2023

Wild pigs have been wreaking havoc on American wildlife and agriculture for years. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a Canadian “super pig” emerged. This particular breed is highly intelligent and invasive!

The breed has only increased in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down. This massive and cunning creature is poised to infiltrate North America and wreak havoc in a way never seen before. Join us as we discover why we should be aware of the elusive “super pigs” headed for the U.S. and the kind of trouble it will cause.

Genetically Engineered to Withstand Freezing Temperatures

This breed is actually a hybrid. They were cross bred and genetically engineered to withstand freezing temperatures in Canada. This was helpful for farmers to revolutionize farming, but they now roam the wild, uncontained and uncontrolled. These hybrid hogs have gone rogue and are running wild. Where are they headed?


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Field and Stream reports that the super pigs are heading south, and with no fences to contain them, they’re on the loose and unstoppable. As if that’s not enough, experts predict they could make their way to Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Wreaking Havoc On the Local Agriculture

You might be wondering just how much damage pigs can do. Wild pigs have made themselves right at home in recent years, but not in a good way. Well, there are an estimated 6 million of these feral swine and they happen to be responsible for a whopping $1.5 billion in yearly damages.


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Some areas have even turned the pig invasion into a hunting industry, with big spenders dropping thousands of dollars to take down as many as possible with heavy artillery. let’s face it, these pigs are wreaking havoc on the environment and local agriculture.

Devour Everything in Their Path

Wild hogs may seem like a thrilling target for hunters, but Field and Stream expert Dr. Ryan Brook warns of the serious ecological damage they cause. These voracious animals will devour anything in their path, including goslings, ducklings, and even adult deer.


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Their destructive tendencies don’t stop there; they also threaten waterfowl and crops significantly. According to Dr. Brook, the downsides of hunting wild hogs far outweigh any potential benefits. He describes them as an “ecological train wreck” that demands our attention.

Bergmann's Rule and a Rapidly Changing Climate

When it comes to surviving cold climates, the super pigs are experts. They were literally built for it! This phenomenon is what’s known as “Bergmann’s Rule”. But their survival in the extreme cold will have potentially disastrous impacts on the environment.


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 As explained by expert Brook, the rule suggests that creatures within a species tend to grow larger as they move farther north in their range. Our planet’s rapidly changing climate could mean dire consequences for our ecosystem’s delicate life balance. In sum, these super pigs could become even larger than they are now!

Potential Breeding Grounds for Viruses

These super elusive pigs have the potential to become a breeding ground for viruses that can infect humans, such as the flu! In fact, National Geographic has reported that pigs can act as a “mixing vessel” for these viruses.

These could lead to the creation of a novel influenza strain that could spread to humankind. Get this: the history of pigs in the continental US dates back to 1539 when Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto brought 13 swine to Florida.


Is Eradication Out of the Question?

According to various experts, we don’t even stand a chance of stopping them. We had a shot at getting rid of them a few years back, but now they’re so abundant and widespread that eradication is out of the question.

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Despite their impressive efforts to eradicate the pigs, there’s still a chance these pesky swine could make a comeback. To make matters worse, there are growing concerns over the threat of pig-borne diseases, including the deadly African swine fever.


The ‘Judas Pig’ Concept

Countless attempts have been made to eliminate them, but it’s a tough nut to crack. However, in the US and Canada, some scientists and researchers have successfully captured entire sounders of pigs in huge traps. Unfortunately, attempts to poison the wild pigs have only seen limited success.

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However, a fascinating approach has worked wonders in the US – enter the “Judas pig”. Imagine a lone pig being captured, fitted with a GPS collar, and then released back into the wild, hoping to lead scientists to an unsuspecting swine group.


The Old Tricks Won’t Help

If you think your traditional hunting skills will do the trick in getting rid of pesky pigs, you’re in for a rude awakening. Brook, an expert in pig eradication, reveals that large traps and tracking Judas pigs are just some of the essential techniques needed to eliminate these destructive creatures successfully.

Ground removal teams, fencing, and education also play a crucial role in the battle against these wild animals. Trust us when we say failure to act quickly can lead to environmental devastation.


The Fight Against the Wild Pig Invasion Continues

As the hybrid pig population explodes, we can expect even more encounters with these wily creatures. These super pigs are not your average barnyard swine, and they’ve become so savvy at evading hunters that they’ve developed their own tactical maneuvers.

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The Squeal on Pigs website is your new secret weapon in the fight against the super pig takeover. Experts continue in the fight against the super pigs before they evolve to become even more formidable!