Entitled Passenger Drapes Hair Over Back of Her Seat, Person Behind Her Makes Her Regret it

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 08, 2023

Maria had not anticipated that her flight would turn into a memorable event. Upon boarding, she discovered that the girl seated in front of her had let her hair drape over the back of her seat.

Despite Maria’s polite request to remove it, she was met with complete disregard from the girl.

A Keen Eye at the Boarding Gate

Maria had previously observed the girl at the boarding gate, where she had been vocally assertive with the staff due to an issue with her boarding pass.


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Although Maria initially dismissed her as unlikely to create further disturbances, the secondary incident prompted her to reevaluate her initial assessment.


The Anxiety of Shared Spaces

Occupying the seat behind the girl induced a sense of anxiety in Maria, although she consoled herself with the thought, “At least I am not seated next to her.”


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However, when the girl’s hair nearly dipped into Maria’s water cup, it became evident that the journey would be arduous.

Invasion of Personal Space

Maria found herself embroiled in a rather irritating journey. She hoped that the girl would soon become aware of her hair, which was almost submerged in Maria’s drink.


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Unfortunately, the surrounding passengers seemed too engrossed in their activities to notice the invasion of personal space.

Subtle Hints Go Unnoticed

Wanting to address the situation, Maria opted for a non-confrontational approach by clearing her throat, a universally recognized signal indicating that something is amiss.


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However, much to Maria’s disappointment, the girl remained blissfully unaware. Maria found herself pondering whether the girl was listening to music and what her next course of action should be.

Ignoring a Direct Approach

Gathering her resolve, Maria tapped the girl’s shoulder and reiterated her request. To her astonishment, the girl merely adjusted her hair behind her ears, revealing the absence of earphones.

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This gesture confirmed Maria’s suspicion that the girl was deliberately ignoring her.


Responding to Ignorance with Creativity

The girl, unresponsive to Maria’s plea, continued immersing herself in her book as if nothing had transpired. Momentarily at a loss, Maria soon conceived an ingenious idea.

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Collaborating with the fellow passenger seated next to her, they formulated an effective strategy to prompt the girl into reconsidering her actions.


Acknowledgment Without Compliance

Both Maria and the man exchanged glances with the girl, only to receive a sardonic smile and an eye roll in response.

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The girl’s expression seemed to convey a message of defiance: “I am aware of my actions, and I have no intention of ceasing.” Frustrated, Maria decided that it was time to implement their plan.


Weighing the Consequences

Fully cognizant of the potential repercussions, Maria exercised caution. She was reluctant to cause an emergency landing.

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However, with the encouragement from the man and the girl’s unwavering arrogance, Maria concluded that it was the only viable course of action. She signaled to the man that they would proceed with their plan.


Attention Shifts to Maria

Triggering a distinct sound, Maria pressed a button that immediately commanded the attention of everyone on board. All activity ceased, and all eyes converged on her.

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The man beside her, her co-conspirator in this mission, gazed at her expectantly. As Maria extended her hand towards the chair in front, she could feel a surge of adrenaline coursing through her veins.


Executing of the Plan

Summoning her courage, Maria held her phone aloft and pressed play. The sound of an electric razor filled the cabin, leading passengers near Maria to turn in shock, surprised that the situation had escalated to this point.

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Realizing it was too late for second thoughts, Maria gripped her phone tightly and advanced it toward the girl’s hair, signifying the plan’s execution. Using the phone to emulate the sound of an electric razor, she pretended to start shaving the entitled passenger’s hair.


The Aftermath and Online Sensation

The girl screamed, and a flight attendant rushed to her aid, confused about the ongoing commotion. Despite the initial relief from passengers who realized it was a prank, the girl was infuriated and demanded Maria’s removal from the flight.

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Chaos ensued, but ultimately, the pilot threatened an emergency landing, which diffused the situation. Finding the recorded video of the incident amusing, Maria requested the man to share it online. The video rapidly gained traction, amassing millions of views.