Behind the Magic: Notorious Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

By: Ronda Fuller | Published: Nov 18, 2023

Behold the Power of Illusion! Discover the mystery behind those amazing magic tricks that leave the crowd in awe. 

Uncover the secrets behind famous magic stunts and find out how magicians make the impossible happen! Get ready to be mesmerized and find out what really goes on behind the scenes.

Experience the Zig-Zag Box Trick! 

Witness the amazing zig-zag box trick! A classic illusion used in magic shows, it never fails to astound the audience. A magician and his assistant will perform this trick, with the assistant entering a box divided into three sections. 


Source: JoelGHodgson/Twitter

The magician will then move the middle section to the side, leaving onlookers convinced that the assistant body has vanished. To demonstrate that there are no mirrors involved, the magician will then stick his head in the middle section to prove it!.

A Miraculous Illusion: Zig-Zag Box

Have you ever wondered how magicians can make an assistant’s body appear to be dismembered without actually doing it? Well, wonder no more! All it takes is a few boxes and a flexible assistant. 


Source: Youtube

The boxes are arranged in a zig-zag shape and the assistant must contort her body to fit into the awkward shape, giving the illusion that her torso has been completely pushed to the side. To prove that her body has been “dismembered”, she then sticks her hands and feet through holes cut into the boxes. 

The Mystery of the Classic Rabbit Trick 

For centuries, magicians have mystified audiences with the classic rabbit trick. As the magician brings out a seemingly empty top hat, the audience is left in awe as a live rabbit is pulled out. How does this timeless trick work? Let’s take a closer look and uncover the mystery behind this iconic illusion. 



By using misdirection and careful preparation, the magician is able to pull off this classic trick that continues to amaze children and adults alike. With a bit of practice, you too can perform this classic trick and have your audience captivated by the power of magic!

Witness the Magic - The Rabbit Trick Revealed! 

Are you ready to be amazed? Witness the magician’s magical trick, as he seemingly conjures a rabbit out of thin air! But hold on, is this really possible? The truth is, there is more to it than meets the eye. 


Source: YouTube

The secret lies in the table that the hat rests on. It has a hole, and the rabbit is placed inside a bag underneath the table, carefully hidden from the audience’s view with a long tablecloth. The magician then reaches his arm into the hole and out comes the rabbit – giving the illusion of a magical feat! 

Jesus Walks on Water - A Miracle Unfolds 

The story of Jesus walking on water is one that has been passed down for generations and is retold in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and John. As night fell, Jesus’ disciples were sailing across the Sea of Galilee when a fierce windstorm threatened to capsize their ship. 

Source: Incredible World/YouTube

To their surprise, they saw Jesus walking on the waves towards them. He boarded the ship and, miraculously, the wind stopped and they safely reached the other side. This amazing feat, inspired by the Bible, is a reminder that Jesus’ power is beyond what we can imagine.


The Magic Behind The Mysterious Trick 

Witnessing a magician walking on water can be an awe-inspiring experience. But behind the scenes, there is a perfectly logical explanation for this trick. Before the performance, the magician lays out clear boxes, made out of engineering plastic, just below the water’s surface. 

Source: Magic Secrets Revealed/YouTube

This makes them invisible to the audience, allowing the performer to appear as though he’s walking on the water. All the while, the magician looks like he’s struggling to keep his balance, as if he could fall in the water at any second. But this is all part of the act!


Witness the Amazing Feat of Sword Swallowing

Are you ready to witness a feat of amazement (or horror, depending on who you ask)? Sword swallowing is a skill that has captivated audiences for centuries. Watch in awe as a performer takes a seemingly long dagger or sword, tips their head back, and then appears to slide the blade down their throat. 

Source: reddit

After a few moments of suspense, the performer will draw the sword back up and emerge unscathed. Any visit to the circus ensures you will be amazed at this incredible trick!


Revealing the Secrets of Sword Swallowing 

Have you ever wondered how a performer can swallow a sword with no tricks or sleight of hand involved? It’s no easy feat! Sword swallowing involves hyper-extending the neck and training the upper esophageal sphincter to relax as the sword slides down the throat, just millimeters away from vital organs. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It takes years of practice and preparation to master this art, and it is incredibly dangerous, yet only 29 deaths have been recorded since 1880. So, although it may be fascinating to watch, we strongly suggest that you don’t try this at home!


David Copperfield's Mesmerizing Magic – The Vanishing Statue of Liberty 

Witness the impossible! David Copperfield, the internationally renowned magician, astounded the world with his incredible disappearing act of the Statue of Liberty in 1983. On Liberty Island, Copperfield raised a curtain in front of a crowd of 20 tourists, stepped behind it and when it dropped, the iconic statue had vanished! 

Source: icu_/Reddit

It was an awe-inspiring display of magic, but there’s a scientific explanation to the trick. Copperfield’s mastery of the craft of illusion is second to none and continues to leave us in amazement today.


The Magic of Liberty: An Illusion with a Meaningful Message 

Experience the awe and wonder of David Copperfield’s spellbinding magic trick – the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty! Performed in the dark of night, Copperfield illustrated the fragility of freedom and liberty with a deceptive illusion. 

Source: reddit

Mirrors and a rotating platform were used, slowly moving the audience away from the Statue, leaving it seemingly vanished. As the audience gasped in amazement, Copperfield returned the Statue to view, reminding us all of the importance of liberty. His powerful performance ended with a thought-provoking message: what would the world be without our cherished freedoms?


Bite into This Amazing Trick! 

Have you ever seen a street magician perform the impossible? Watched in amazement as the magician takes a seemingly ordinary coin, and with a simple bite, turns it into a work of art. 

Source: Reddit

He will ask an audience member to try the same feat, only to fail in the attempt. But then, the magician himself will effortlessly bite into the coin, leaving the audience wondering – how did he do that? 


Unlock the Magic of Coin Biting Trick with No Teeth Breaking!

Want to impress your audience with a magical trick? No need to break your teeth for that! All you need is some sleight of hand and a special trick coin. Ask your audience to bite into a coin and when they can’t, take it from them and switch it with the trick coin. 

Source: Reddit

This special coin will break under the pressure, leaving your audience in awe! The challenge here is to switch the coins without anyone noticing, but with a bit of practice, you can be sure to pull this trick off like a pro!


The Magic of the Sawing Illusion

Prepare to be astounded! The Sawing Illusion is a classic trick that has been a favorite of magicians for centuries. It’s a showstopper that is sure to captivate any audience. In this trick, the magician’s assistant is laid flat on a table and locked in a box. 

Source: rory_feldman/Twitter

Then, in a dramatic flourish, the magician appears to cut the assistant in two, moving the two halves apart for the audience to witness. Miraculously, the assistant appears completely unharmed amidst the audience’s stunned amazement. 


Witness the Magic of the Double Assistant Illusion!

Behold the remarkable double assistant illusion! What appears to be a simple trick of a magician sawing a person in half is actually a cleverly designed illusion that requires two assistants. While one assistant lies in the box, the second assistant hides inside the box meant for the first assistant’s legs.

Source: hearsdemons/Reddit

When the magician moves the two boxes apart, the audience are amazed to see both halves of the body wiggling and turning in unison, proving that no one was harmed in the performance! Little do they know it’s in fact two people!


Witness the Impossible: Bending Spoons with Magic!

Do you want to learn how to perform a seemingly impossible feat? Learn the secrets behind the bending spoon trick, a classic trick that is often performed at events with food. Watch as the magician picks up a random spoon from the table and shakes it violently until it bends. 

Source: Flickr

To the audience’s amazement, the spoon quickly returns to its original form, as if nothing ever happened. How can the magician do this? Find out how to bend spoons with magic and witness the impossible!


Bending the Rules of Physics: The Magic of Sleight of Hand 

Behold the power of magic! With a few simple tricks, a magician can make it appear as if the laws of physics have been bent to their will. Take for example the bending spoon trick, which requires absolute mastery in the art of sleight of hand. 

Source: Flickr

The magician keeps a small silver coin hidden from view and uses it as the tip of the spoon. This stationary coin creates the illusion of the spoon being bent out of shape, leaving the audience in awe of the magician’s skill. With the right technique and a bit of practice, you too can master the art of bending spoons.


Amaze Your Friends with this Easy Coin Through Glass Trick 

Are you looking to impress your friends? Here’s an old trick that’s sure to do the job! This classic illusion involves the magician appearing to press a coin through an unmalleable glass with minimal effort. 

Source: Making Impossible/YouTube

All you need to do is place the coin in the palm of your hand, then knock against the glass a few times. In the blink of an eye, the coin will have magically passed through the glass! But how does this actually work?


The Mystery of Coin Through Glass Trick Revealed 

Witness the Magician’s Astonishing Sleight of Hand! With each tap of his hand against the glass, the magician’s fingers curl more tightly around the coin, until the final knock of his hand brings the coin to the end of his fingers. 

Source: Flickr

In a feat of speed and stealth, the magician then tosses the coin into the glass, leaving the audience in awe of his remarkable skill. This trick takes a ton of practice and ultimate mastery of sleight of hand – a performance you won’t want to miss!


The Magic of the Floating Cup Trick 

Behold the mesmerizing power of magic as the magician seemingly moves a cup through the air with nothing but his mind! Witness a cup levitating between his hands in mid-air with the Floating Cup Trick. 

Source: Howcast/YouTube

But how does this amazing illusion come to life? The magician begins by holding the cup like any other person would, but then slowly moves his hands away until it looks like the cup is floating. So what’s the secret to this trick?


Behind The Incredible Levitating Cup Trick 

Are you looking for an easy and amazing way to wow your friends? Then this levitation trick is perfect for you! All you need is a styrofoam cup and some quick hands. Start off by distracting your audience with one hand, while you poke a hole through the cup with the other. 

Source: Howcast/YouTube

Make sure they’re standing directly in front of you, so they can’t catch on to what you’re doing. With a little bit of skill and some misdirection, you’ll have them fooled in no time. Give it a try and show off your magical powers!


Watch Water Turn into Ice Right Before Your Eyes! 

It’s an amazing trick that will leave you completely astonished! The magician will start by placing a cup on a table, then they will pour water from a pitcher into the cup and, to everyone’s surprise, the water will immediately turn into ice! 

Source: Magic Secrets Revealed/YouTube

This trick leaves the audience amazed but how is this possible? The answer is in the magician’s secret! Continue reading to uncover the mystery behind this law defying magic trick!


Create Mesmerizing Illusion at Home 

All you need is a cup, a sponge, and some ice. Place the sponge in the bottom of the cup and then add the ice on top. When you pour water into the cup, it will be quickly absorbed by the sponge, leaving only the ice visible to the eye.

Source: Fundoodaa TV for Kids/YouTube

Make sure the sponge is the same color as the cup; otherwise, the illusion won’t be as effective. With just a few simple ingredients, you can craft an amazing trick to wow your friends and family.


A Magical Surprise: Making Pigeons Appear Out of Nowhere! 

Have you ever seen a magical trick that leaves the audience awe-struck? Well, prepare to be amazed! Magicians around the world have been known to use pigeons to perform a mystifying trick. With a dramatic flash of light and a loud bang, the magician reveals a pigeon from thin air! 

Source: Flickr

It’s a spectacle that will leave you wondering how it’s done. But one thing is for sure – it’s a trick that will stay with you for a long time. While we don’t condone the use of animals as props in magic tricks, we hope that the pigeons are given proper care and attention off-stage.


The Magic Behind the Bird Trick 

Have you ever wondered how magicians make a pigeon appear out of thin air? Well, the truth is that it’s a trick that requires a very clever and well-behaved bird. The magician has the pigeon hidden up his sleeve and quickly pulls it out while the audience is distracted by a flash of light and loud bang. 

Source: Flickr

This clever tactic helps to conceal the fact that the pigeon was actually there the whole time! It’s a magical trick that has baffled many for centuries, and one that can only be pulled off with a lot of practice and a very well-behaved bird.


The Levitating Man Trick 

Have you ever seen a man in a busy tourist spot appear to float in mid-air? Well, we have the answer! It’s an amazing trick called the levitating man trick. Here’s how it works: the performer sits cross-legged, holding onto a thin pole in order to appear to be levitating. 

Source: Flickr

It looks like magic, but it’s really just a clever use of physics and balance. This trick is sure to leave passersby in awe and make them stop in their tracks. So next time you’re in a touristy area, keep an eye out for this incredible trick and see the magic for yourself!


Unveil the Magic of Levitation! 

Amaze your friends and family with a gravity-defying illusion! The levitating man trick is an awe-inspiring feat that will have passersby stopping in their tracks. If you’ve ever seen this trick, you know just how mesmerizing it is. But how is this magic made possible? 

Source: c0nc0rdance/Twitter

Surprisingly, it’s not as complicated as you might think. The trick involves a pole attached to a wire that forms a basket the magician sits cross-legged in, all of this is hidden within the clothing of the magician, creating the illusion that they are floating in mid-air, while only being supported by holding onto a thin pole!


The Ultimate Dare: The Sword Suspension

If you have seen a magician balancing a person on a sword without getting impaled, it must have got you wondering how a human can pull that off. Usually, the magician gets a volunteer and renders the person unconscious before he gets onlookers to lift and balance the person on four swords. 

Source: Magic and illusions of John Bundy and Morgan/Facebook

Then the magician removes three swords and leaves the person in the air, balancing on the last sword. 


Unraveling the Mystery Of The Suspension Trick

Ever wondered how it works? Well, first off, usually, “the volunteer” is a confederate or an assistant of the magician in question. The magician makes use of theatrical gestures and, most importantly, hidden support apparatus like a harness or suspension rig, which is designed to support the weight of the person.

Source: Paramount Network/YouTube

This creates the illusion that they are floating or balancing on the swords when, in fact, they are not. 


The Thrills And Chills Of The Guillotine

Brace yourself for this next one, the one and only guillotine trick. This is one trick that has left many feeling like their heart is about to jump right out of their chest. It involves a large shiny guillotine and a volunteer’s head. 

Source: Magic Secrets Revealed/YouTube

The volunteer is usually asked to place their head under the blade while the magician makes an elaborate show of dramatics as the blade comes crashing down. 


What's Behind The Guillotine Trick's Secrets

Prepare to have your mind blown by this trick. While the guillotine blade seems like it is going to crash down on the person underneath it, the blade is actually constructed to be harmless, and the lower part of the guillotine comes with a trapdoor. 

Source: Wikipedia

It has stop blocks that stop the blade from reaching the person. The trapdoor lets the person drop out of sight as the blade drops. 


The Disappearing Act: The Coin Trick

The vanishing coin trick is popular among magicians, and it is one most people get to experience very often. It can be quite astonishing to watch a coin that was right in front of you suddenly disappear with a simple flick of the magician’s wrist. 

Source: nadjib haffaf/YouTube

While it looks like it has completely vanished from the magician’s hand, it’s only a trick, and you are about to learn how it works. 


Behind the Scenes of the Coin Trick

For this trick, there are two ways magicians can make the coin seem like it is vanishing, using the art of sleight of hand or chapstick glue. 

Source: Howcast/YouTube

For the former, the magician rubs the glue on the back of his hand, and when he moves his hand, the coin sticks there. The other trick involves a precise and stealthy movement to hide it, creating the illusion of an empty hand.