Heroic Rescuers Assisted a Beautiful Animal to Return Home After Discovering it Stuck on an Oregon Shore

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

Several incidents remind us how humans can show compassion and help protect ocean wildlife. One recently happened when a stranded gigantic octopus found its way to the shores of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Dedicated rescuers stepped in to save this magnificent creature, as it captured the attention and awe of onlookers. Let’s see how this wonderful rescue attempt went.

The Stranded Wonder

One fateful day, a beachgoer discovered the massive Pacific octopus between the Cannon Beach rock formations. They acted quickly and alerted the authorities.


Source: Nomadic Stellar/ Pinterest

The Haystack Rock Awareness Program quickly responded to the call for help. The creature’s size astonished the rescuers; they marveled at their rare encounter with this extraordinary sea creature. They concluded that the receding tide had brought the octopus to the beach shore.

A Captivating Encounter

A crowd of fascinated onlookers surrounded the enormous creature in no time. Its estimated length of approximately five feet added to the excitement.


Source: National Marine Sanctuaries/ Wikimedia Commons

The Haystack Rock Awareness Program did not fail to express their delight upon encountering a live Pacific octopus. Within minutes, cameras were rolling to document this magnificent creature’s plight and how they helped the octopus safely return to the ocean.

It Was the Largest Octopus Species in the World

There are more than one octopus species around. This one, the Giant Pacific Octopus, happens to be the largest. This species is widely seen around a certain area from Alaska to California and to Japan and Russia. 


Source: KOINNews/Twitter

It is also the longest-living octopus species to ever be discovered. They can stay alive for up to five years. Plus they can move as deep as 2500 feet in the sea. 

There's More Information About It

The Guinness Book of World Records and National Geographic have declared one of its peers as the largest octopus ever seen. This octopus weighed 600 pounds and its tentacles spread as wide as 30 feet. 


Source: Britannica

There are more intriguing features. Did you know that the giant Pacific octopus can change its colors? Not just for protection. Its colors change along with its emotions. Awesome, right? 

The First Octopus Sighting in a Long While

The Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Awareness Program has gotten in the past several reports of octopus washed ashore. But they turned out to be other animals but octopuses. They turn out to be other sea creatures such as crabs and starfish. 

Source: RobotTomPeterson/Reddit

To finally get to see one was a thing of joy for the staff of the rock awareness program and not only the beachgoers. Thankfully, the staff were knowledgeable enough to return the sea animal as soon as possible, as octopuses won’t last more than 30 minutes on land. 


Guiding it Home

The rescuers stayed committed to carefully guiding the octopus back into the deeper waters. Knowing the creature’s vulnerability, they carried out the mission in the safest possible way.

Source: Haystack Rock Awareness Program/ FaceBook

After leading the octopus to the water, they waited for the tide to carry it further into the water. Thankfully, it showed no signs of injury, providing hope for its future well-being. Everyone watched in awe as this magnificent creature returned to its natural habitat.


The Octopus Made Its Efforts

Even though staff of the program don’t take reports of octopus sightings seriously anymore, they were professional enough to respond swiftly anyways. Jolene Magee, a staff member of the awareness program, described the situation they found when they saw the octopus. 

Source: CanniBusiness/Reddit

The octopus toiled in the shallow waters before help arrived. “It was struggling to get there though because of how much sand build-up there was. Every time a wave came, it was pushing it back a little further, so it wasn’t able to propel itself,” she said. 


The Rescue Explained

Magee also explained how the staff of the program got the octopus back into the water. First, they pushed the creature with a plastic sign, but to no avail. The waves kept pushing the animal higher up the shore. 

Source: fox12oregon/Twitter

Next, they used both the sign and their boots to block the octopus from being pushed backwards. Eventually, the waves came to take it back into the water where it swam happily. 


A Gentle Reminder of Conservation

The incredible rescue of the Pacific octopus should continue to remind us of the importance of marine conservation. These amazing animals, whose tentacles reach over 13 feet, are essential to the sea ecosystem.

Source: National Marine Sanctuaries/ Wikimedia Commons

We hope this successful rescue mission reminds us always to protect and respect our waters and the incredible species that inhabit them. So, the next time you go to the beach and see a stranded sea animal, don’t hesitate to contact the proper authorities for help.