Seat-Snatching on Airplanes Is a New Trend – Travel Writer Shares Her Encounter That’s Left People Disgusted

By: Lydia Iseh | Last updated: Nov 14, 2023

A concerning trend in the public travel world is rising. Many call this trend “seat kidnapping” or “seat-snatching.” This involves travelers boldly seizing seats not assigned to them, disrupting communal travel’s established norms and etiquette.

Through the insightful lens of travel blogger Benet Wilson, let’s delve into a thought-provoking account that sheds light on this disturbing trend.

Aunt Benet’s Ordeal

Travel blogger Benet Wilson, also known as Aunt Benet in the aviation community, recounted her eye-opening experience on a Southwest Airlines aircraft through her social media platform. This made the subject of seat kidnapping come to light for the first time.


Source: aviationqueen/Instagram

Her story left many confused, since such incidents are not something many travelers have experienced


A Peculiar Standoff

Benet described the events of her personal experience, in which a fellow passenger asked for her approval to take a window seat. She stood up and let the person get to the seat.


Source: CNN/Pinterest

However, things became puzzling when the person abruptly grabbed Benet’s allotted aisle seat without her permission. A strange and unanticipated confrontation developed within the airplane, due to this brazen breach and the open rejection of Benet’s legitimate claim to her seat.

The Boldness of Seat-Snatchers

Benet’s complaints persisted even after the man took over her seat. Despite Wilson’s complaints, the person moved Wilson’s items and made himself at home while insisting that the middle seat was still free.


Source: Travel Pockets/Pinterest

This outrageous action meant he was disobeying the established rules of allocated seats. Apparently, this behavior was common with “seat kidnappers” or “seat-snatchers.”

A Flight Attendant’s Intervention

Benet, unwilling to let it go, insisted the man had to leave her seat. Seeing she would not let it go, the seat kidnapper called for a flight attendant. The man told the flight attendant that she permitted him to take the seat. He said they both exchanged greetings.


Source: The Business Journals

Recognizing the situation, the flight attendant took prompt action and firmly requested the man to vacate Benet’s seat. This type of occurrence has become quite common these days, and Benet’s experience has only helped to spread the word.