The Shocking Cost of Boat & Car Repairs in These Classic 90s Films

By: Ene Ayegba | Published: Nov 15, 2023

The 1990s produced many classic movies across all different genres. Films of this period have had an enduring effect on society, from non-linear tales like Pulp Fiction to epic romantic dramas like Titanic.

This period also produced many actions and thriller movies with memorable automobile crashes. We will go over the potential cost of fixing these damages below.

'The Rock'—A Ferrari Folly

After seizing possession of a car, Special Agent Stanley Goodspeed set off in hot pursuit of the slippery fugitive John Mason through the crowded streets of San Francisco.


Source: IMCDB

Goodspeed fired a shot into the dashboard to force an immediate evacuation, leaving a gunshot hole as physical proof of the dire circumstances. Despite Goodspeed’s best attempts, the vehicle was destroyed beyond repair when it got run over by a derailed cable car during the commotion. This damage costs $125,000.


‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’—When Dinosaurs Meet Modern-Day Vehicles

A pursued car collided with another vehicle in a terrifying effort to outrun an adult Tyrannosaurus rex. This forced the pursuing vehicle to topple and crash. Then, the motorist failed to check their rearview mirror before making the evasive maneuver.


Source: Industrial Light & Magic

After the accident, the already terrifying experience of meeting the T-rex took on a whole new level of danger. This crash was valued at $21,000.

'Falling Down'—The Misadventures of a Golf Cart

William ‘D-Fens’ Foster shot at a wagon while on the run, badly damaging it. The vehicle rolled uncontrollably into a water trap, where it sank. 


Source: IMCDB

After further examination, it was determined that the event occurred because the cart’s drivers did not properly apply the brakes or park the vehicle. The shooting was devastating, bringing more mayhem and devastation to the already fraught atmosphere. The assessed value of this crash was $4,500.

'Speed'—When Insurance Falls Short

An LAPD SWAT officer named Jack Traven drove a car into an explosives-laden bus to investigate an extortion attempt. The vehicle’s front door was broken off during the operation after colliding with the front of the bus. 


Source: Youtube

The front bumper was damaged after colliding with a water barrier. Since the registered driver wasn’t behind the wheel when the accident occurred, and the LAPD doesn’t cover collision-related expenditures, the driver had to pay to fix or replace the door. It would cost about $41,500 to fix.

'Face/Off'—A Thrilling Tale of a Speedboat’s Destructive Encounter with a Jetty

To avoid FBI agent Sean Archer, famed fugitive Castor Troy stole a boat. So, to pursue Castor Troy, Sean Archer stole a white 1997 Scarab SCS. During the pursuit, the police boat and Sean Archer’s white boat both sank. 

Source: NeoGAF

Both boats also burned up on the dock in the last act of chaos. The explosion ended the thrilling chase and showed that the two foes had escalated their rivalry to disastrous levels. The assessed value was estimated to be $40,000.