Customers Rank Popular Top Secret Menu Items At McDonald’s

By: Lydia Iseh | Published: Oct 20, 2023

Lately, fast-food restaurants and drive-ins have taken up a unique way to liven up their customers’ diets. To eliminate the boredom of scanning through the same menu list every time, they created Secret Menus.

Secret Menus are new features to restaurants that allow customers to select from an unofficial or unlisted menu. This adds a dose of excitement and flexibility to the food ordering experience.

Who Creates McDonald’s Secret Menus?

A Secret Menu is not listed by a restaurant, so people often find out about it through the word of mouth from other customers who are aware of its existence.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Interestingly, Secret Menus are created by customers. How? You pick a listed menu on the restaurant’s list and tweak it by adding, replacing, or removing some ingredients. So, when next you feel like ordering a secret menu item, do well to know the name and its recipe.


McDonald’s Top Secret Menu Items, in Ascending Order

Since Mcdonald’s, like other restaurants, does not have an official listing for their Secret Menus, we have done the due diligence of compiling the most popular ones here.


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McLates is 29th on McDonald’s people poll for Secret Menu items. It is an exciting combination of apples and some fried potatoes. McLates is best had for breakfast, and you can add some honey ordered to send your palettes on an early morning adventure.

They Call It the ‘Monster Mac’ for a Reason

This Secret Menu item knocks the McKinley Mac and Big Mac patties off their high horses. If you have a huge appetite, and one patty won’t do it, this is the fast food for you.


Source: Ciro Ip/Flickr

Monster Mac holds the 28th position in McDonald’s Secret Menu popularity poll. It contains eight pieces of meat and enough calories to keep you going throughout the day.

Grilled Cheese with a Twist

Some of the items on the Secret Menu can only be found at certain locations. However, the simplicity of the Grilled Cheese makes it available at all McDonald’s outlets.



Holding the 27th position on the McDonald’s Secret Menu poll, grilled cheese contains just buns with cheese in between. There are no patties in the grilled cheese order item.

Pie McFlurry

There are several brands of McFlurry out there, as you are probably aware. However, when you order a Pie McFlurry at McDonald’s, a slice of juicy pie is blended into the McFlurry ice cream.

Source: Anosmia/Flickr

26th on the popularity list, Pie McFlurry is the perfect mixture of rich flavors. Try one out today, and it may become your regular.



McLeprechan is a special shake that is only available at McDonald’s outlets in March. It is a mixture of a chocolate shake and a Shamrock Shake.

Source: 19melissa68/Flickr

If you are a lover of mint chocolate chip ice cream, McLeprechaun will definitely make you happy. You can order the large size for $2.89, the medium for $2.49, and the small for $1.99.  McLeprechaun is 25th on the popularity poll.


Big McChicken

This order item is for the days when you don’t want to count any calories, as it is packed full of meat. The Big McChicken secret option allows you to choose to add some beef between chicken patties.

Source: Gorekun/Flickr

With this order item, out goes the bun. Coming in at the 24th position, you can get a Big McChicken in two variants. One, with Big Mac at $6.99, and the other with a McDouble at $4.00.S


Filet-O-Fish and Chips

Filet-O-Fish is a regular order but does not come with chips. That is what makes this secret option special. For a better chance of nailing this secret option, visit a McDonald’s outlet around noon.

Source: Elsie Hui/Flickr

You will get to add in the chips for a crunchy feel to the Filet-O-Fish. This secret option is 23rd on McDonald’s popularity poll.


McCrepe Makes Other Crepes Basic

At McDonald’s, you only get to order the McCrepe secret option for breakfast. You also need to know that McCrepe is a DIY order; here’s how you go about it.

Source: Brother Magneto/Flickr

Order hotcakes and a yogurt parfait separately. After settling into your seat, dump some of the yogurt parfaits on the pancakes. Roll it up, and enjoy. McCrepe sits comfortably at the 22nd position of the secret option list.


Biscuits and Gravy

This treat is more popular with McDonald’s outlets in the south. There are several things you can add gravy to on a McDonald’s menu. However, when allowed to have this secret option, ask that some creamy gravy be added to your order.

Source: Flickr

21st on the secret options popularity list, it is a delicacy that was born by a unique innovation.


All American

‘All American’ is the secret code for your regular-sized hamburger. However, there are no special fillings, just ketchup, and pickles.

Source: Jeepers Media/Flickr

Adding pickles to a meal is a perfect way to spice things up. Interestingly, this 20th secret option is easy on the pocket but filling. Drive into a McDonald’s outlet, ask for an All American, and you’ll get fixed up with this special burger.


Chicken and Waffles

It may be true that McDonald’s is not the leading name when it comes to chicken and waffles. It is, however,  also true that their McGriddle sandwich is the best around.

Source: powerplantop/Flickr

If you are not at a McDonald’s, then you cannot get this fried delicacy. Be it breakfast or dinner, the McGriddle sandwich got you covered. There you have the 19th secret option on our list.


Fries With Big Mac Sauce

The best-kept secret is that there are other ways to enjoy your french fries without ketchup.

Source: Happy via Flickr

When you order a Big Mac, it comes with a fair amount of sauce. However, you can ask for some mayo to go with your fries, also. This secret option is called fries with Big Mac sauce. Interestingly, you may not be charged extra for the sauce, and it is 18th on the popularity poll.


The Brunch Burger

You can only grab this secret option at a particular time of the day. It, in fact, has another alias ― the Mc10:35, thanks to the order window.

Source: Jun Selta/Flickr

The Brunch Burger involves adding an Egg McMuffin to a Quarter Pounder or McDouble. Fear not, as you still get your regular beef patties. The Brunch Burger happy hour is between 10:30 and 11:00 am.


Animal Type McCheese Fries

This secret option is another DIY item. Here’s how to order one. First, ask for a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger and for some extra Big Mac sauce.

Source: Alfonsina Blyde/Flickr

Next, order some fries. Settle into your seat, and add some onions and cheese from the burger to your fries. Also, you get to use the sauce to enjoy the fries. This secret option comes in at the 16th position.


Two Cheese Burger Meal Mac

The gist of this secret option is: it is no secret. It simply involves ordering an extra cheeseburger with a drink and fries on the side.

Source: Calgary Reviews/Flickr

Get a real filling by ordering two cheeseburgers and doubling down on that. The Two Cheese Burger Meal Mac is 15th on our popularity poll for Secret Menus.


Neapolitan Milk Shake

It is definitely a bore to get a single flavor of a milkshake. You can ask for a blend of milkshakes to tickle your buds.

Source: Jeepers Media/Flickr

When you order a Neapolitan milkshake, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors are served up in layers. But you don’t have to call out each flavor, just tell the waiter you need a Neapolitan shake. You can order three different sizes; large at $2.89, medium at $2.49, and small at $1.99.


Coke Float

While you may think it a crazy idea, it is actually possible to add more flavor to your ice cream.

Source: Calgary Reviews/Flickr

Like the name of this secret option, it involves pairing your McDonald’s ice cream with some Coke. First, some Coke is dumped into your cup, and it is topped off with whatever flavor of ice cream you want. Coke float is our 13th most popular secret option.


Maple Bacon CinnaMelt

Yet another DIY item. First, order for Cheese Biscuit and Bacon Egg. Next, get some Cinnamon Melts. Maple Bacon CinnaMelt is our 12th most popular secret option.

Source: Bittermelon/Flickr

To spice things up, slap some of the bacon from the Bacon Egg and Chees Biscuit on the Cinnamon Melts. You may want to consider adding some syrup too. Every bite from this secret option is better than the last.S


Mega Potato

Are you having a sleepover and need to keep your friends fueled for the night? Pizza is not a bad option, but McDonald’s Mega Potato may be your best bet.

Source: Alfonsina Blyde/Flickr

There’s only one drawback, this secret option is only available in Japan. This option contains a pack of fries that is as large as two orders of American-sized fries.


The McGangBang

The McGangBang secret option is quite popular and costs just $2.00. Never mind its 18+ name; it only explains how much satisfaction you can get from a single order.


Simply order a McChicken and a McDouble, then go into DIY mode. Arrange the McChicken and beef patties in a single pile. To make the combo juicier, ask for some sauce for your fries, and spread some on this oversize Big Mac.


Strawberry Eggnog Shake

The Strawberry Eggnog Shake is a secret option that brings in the Christmas spirit. Available only in December, the Eggnog shake is popular with McDonald’s customers.

Source: Wallpaper Flare

Coming 9th on the Secret Menu popularity poll, the surprise ingredient in this shake is the added strawberry blend. The fruity addition makes the milkshake a healthful one.


McKinley Mac

Coming in at 8th position on McDonald’s Secret Menu polls, the McKinley Mac is loved by many. It was, in fact, the favorite of a former US president.

Source: Brave Heart/Flickr

The Mckinley Mac is what you can call a Big Mac Pro Max. Instead of the 1.6 oz patties that come with Big Macs, McKinley Macs gets two quarter-pound patties. Such a monstrous recipe makes the McKinley Mac a filling order.


McDessert for Breakfast

Are you looking for something light for breakfast? Then, McDessert will go quite well with your morning coffee.

Source: pchow98/Flickr

Though not listed on the official menu, you can order a McDessert alongside your regular morning shake. This 7th Secret Menu item will give you the energy rush needed at the beginning of the day.


Cheese Fries

Need some energy rush from your McDonald’s order? Go for this all-too-popular DIY.

Source: Pinterest

First, ask for extra cheese on your burger and some fresh, hot French fries. Next, place some cheese from the burger on your still-hot fries. The sight of the cheese flowing over the fries is enough to drive up your appetite.


Root Beer Float

This delicious dessert is the 5th most popular item on McDonald’s Secret Menu list. It is a little bit similar to the Coke Float.

Source: Stacy Spensley/Flickr

In this case, you order root beer and nicely ask the service attendant to top it up with a scoop of ice cream. The right ice cream flavor for this secret option is yours to decide. Root Beer Float is a treat you should try at least once.


McMocha Ice Cream

All McDonald’s outlets sell ice cream, but you can only find the McMocha in the Philippines.

Source: karendotcom127/Flickr

It is a simple dessert that includes a cup of hot delicious coffee, which is topped with some ice cream. Nothing beats having the soft and smooth flavor of McDonald’s ice cream melting into your serving of dark rich coffee. This item is 4th on our popularity poll.


Apple Pie a la Mode

This is a very popular dessert, coming in on the 3rd spot of top Secret Menu items. On the official Menu, you can order either baked apple pie or vanilla ice cream.

Source: Frances Bean/Flickr

However, the Apple Pie a la Mode secret option allows you to have a double serving of two dessert items. On a single dessert plate, you get baked apple pies and some soft sweet vanilla ice cream.


Poor Man’s Big Mac

When you have a monstrous appetite but a tiny budget, this secret option is the way to go. A single serving of the regular Big Mac goes for $3.99, but with $1.49 you, can get something similar.

Source: yum9me/Flickr

When you order a Poor Man’s Big Mac, what you get is basically a lip-smacking McDouble, added lettuce, and a lavish amount of Big Mac sauce.


Ice Cream Sandwich

This secret option can hardly be referred to as a secret, as it is loved and known by many. For the McDonald’s Secret Menu poll, the Ice Cream Sandwich is the first in rank.

Source: Michael Newman/Flickr

This secret option is an all-dessert combo. For just $2, you get a large scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two delicious cookies. Eating this is definitely a way to take your taste buds on an interesting journey.