Meet The Cutest Unhappy Babies: Here Are Some Grumpy Baby Photos!

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Nov 01, 2023

Ah, newborn babies–cuddly, innocent and cherubic! Or so we’d like to think. But sometimes babies decide they’ve had enough of the world before they’ve even been in it two minutes! Incredible scenes captured in photos show unhappy babies looking more than a little world-weary. 

But no need to worry; these precious little bundles are all happy and healthy! Their plight may be amusing, but their families will certainly be thankful for the immortalized hilarity of these poor mites who look like they’d rather still be sleeping than having to deal with this strange new life!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Grumpy Faces

Baby photography can be so rewarding, with cuteness in every shot. Though it’s sometimes unpredictable and full of surprises, who can resist that baby charm? This little lady getting her pictures taken for the first time didn’t seem too happy about it. 



But don’t worry – she looks more like a grumpy old grandma than anything else! Maybe her cozy wool blankie was making her itchy or maybe mom woke her up from nap-time too early – either way, the results were pretty priceless!


C-Section Delivery: When the Baby says

I’m Not Ready to Leave Yet!” Babies don’t always arrive on their due date, and that’s ok! While some may think that it could be harmful for a child to remain in their mommy’s tummy past 40 weeks, the truth is that they rarely experience any harm. Not to mention, parents can get understandably worried or stressed as they wait for their bundle of joy to arrive. 


Source: JasonM1/Imgur

So what do you do when your baby feels too comfortable in its cocoon? In this case, doctors chose to perform a C-section delivery – the poor little one looked so upset after being removed from his Mom’s womb! Although it wasn’t quite time for him to come out yet, this cute angel was finally able to join the world outside!

Cutest Pouter of the Year - Meet this Adorable Baby!

It seems like this little munchkin is not too pleased with his mama’s new motherhood style. Is she forgetting to change his diapers or missing out on feed times? Nope, it looks like the wee one has figured out her guilty pleasure of television and is showing it through an adorable pout! 


Source: propav8r/Reddit

Whatever it is, it hasn’t stopped us from aww-ing at this cutie! Moony may just have won the award for Cutest Pouter of the Year. Mommy better watch out when he grows up though – looks like we’ve got a rebel on our hands here!

A Baby Who'd Rather Return to the Womb Than Face the Big, Wide World

The day their bundle of joy arrives in the world is an exciting time for parents and often even more thrilling for grandparents. However, it seems that not all newborns are quite as happy to transition from womb to world!


Source: 867-53OhNein/Reddit

One little girl showed this by sporting a permanent scowl on her face, no matter how much she was being fed or cared for. Clearly, sometimes babies would rather just go back inside mommy’s tummy and get some peace and quiet!

This Wrinkled Baby Looks Like an Old Grandpa!

This little one is absolutely adorable, almost like a cute little grandpa! Both very young and old people have too much skin for the bones beneath, leading to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. But don’t worry – this extra skin is only temporary and in time he’ll grow into his facial features! 

Source: awheeler92/Instagram

There’s no denying that babies are some of the most precious creatures on Earth, especially when they suddenly smile as soon as they hear a familiar voice or say ‘mama’ for the first time. Our hearts just melt witnessing such pure joy!


A Mane Attraction

Look at this babe’s luscious locks! We’re all oohing and aahing over that thick mane. You don’t often hear of babies being born with a full head of hair, but there are a lucky few like this cutie here.

Source: christophermm/Reddit

Let’s just hope this adorable hairstyle sticks around, then he’ll keep on looking dapper for years to come – even if he seems a bit unimpressed by the attention at the moment. We have a feeling many hearts will be melting in the future!


Newborn Photo Shoot – A Sad Sweet Face! 

This baby’s a real scene-stealer! Every parent knows that photographing babies can be an absolute riot – whether they’re facing off with an explosion, or just having a tantrum over not being able to do their own photo shoot. 

Source: justinetuhyphoto/Instagram

This little darling has the most expressive face, like she’s trying hard to tell us something. Was she feeling pain? Irritation at her lack of creative control? Or was she just super cranky cause all these strangers were staring at her? Ah, whatever it is, we can’t help but love that sad sweet face.


A Harrison By Any Other Name

It looks like we have a mini Richard “Old Man” Harrison in the making! If you watched Pawn Stars, then you’d recognize the older man on the left as none other than Papa Harrison himself. Even though he passed away at 77 back in 2018, he made sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers and his family.

Source: KnivesAndWolves/Reddit

Now, this baby might just be following suit with grumpy expressions that look so familiar, but babies change drastically as they grow up! We wonder what this little one will look like all grown up!


A 'Cry' for Freedom from Work! 

We’ve all been there, where work becomes so overwhelming that it feels like you’re never going to escape its clutches. This little “old guy” certainly knows the feeling! Look at his weary features as he parks the car at the office, wishing he could just stay in his playpen forever instead of having to report for duty. 

Source: Tekon421/Reddit

Not to worry, little one – you can turn that Fisher Price car right around and head for freedom. We’re rooting for you, Charlie!


50 Years and Counting: An Inspirational Tale of True Love!

After half a century together, this elderly pair wanted to celebrate their golden anniversary in the most special way – with their cherished grandchildren present. Looking beyond their years, these tykes look like an old married couple themselves.

Source: tverofvulcan/Reddit

Although remaining happily married until old age isn’t a feat many can lay claim to, this couple has earned every right to celebrate their milestone achievement – with champagne and cigars if they please! They’re setting an example for all of us that a lasting marriage is something worth aiming for. Cheers to 50 more years!


Little One Trying to Grow Up Too Fast! 

Imagine a cute little guy, dressed up all formal-like in his bow tie and jacket. He looks like he’s ready for an interview or maybe even a night out on the town! But, lo and behold, this tiny gentleman is only three years old. 

Source: x.lucy_oscar.x/Instagram

Watching him try to look grown-up is both funny and adorable at the same time. No doubt this charming toddler will have no problem wooing the ladies of his daycare center with his dapper little outfit. Afterall, who can resist such a cutie trying to act so mature? His mom must be so proud of her favorite little man and we sure are too!


"Help! I Can't Take It Anymore!" 

This baby’s shouting out for help – and it looks like he’s had just about enough of changing nappies, bath times, and all the other things babies have to put up with. 

Source: Highlyeccentricc/Reddit

Who knew that this little old man could look so intimidating? He looks like a gangster who’s asking his homies for support to get him through this phase in life. When it all gets too much, just remember: you don’t always have to go solo!


Oh No, That Newborn Already Wants to Go Back In

When parents catch their first glimpse of an adorable newborn, they usually can’t help but let out squeals of delight. But then there are babies like this little girl, who’s only two hours old and already looks as if she’d much rather go back in the womb than step into a life full of new experiences! 

Source: MRsMuddy/Reddit

With her furrowed brow and pensive expression, she’s likely thinking that if this is all life has to offer, going back into Momma might be the better option. Who can blame her? That bundle of joy certainly looks too precious for the outside world.


Grunting & Grumbling - The Search for the World's Grumpiest Baby! 

This world is full of cuteness, but there’s always room for a little grumpiness too! Introducing the search for the world’s grumpiest baby, a contest that will surely have its organizer inundated with adorable yet hilarious photos of babies not quite ready to accept their introduction to life. 

Source: Acad12345/Reddit

Take this baby girl, who has only been born a minute and already looks like she’s ready to have a word or two with whoever’s running this place! She may be impossibly cute with her chubby cheeks and angelic face, but one look at her and it’s obvious that she is far from amused.


A Grumpy Baby with an Old Soul - What Could Be More Hilarious? 

We all know what it’s like to be disrupted by a bunch of noisy kids. But did you ever think that the same feeling could be felt by a baby?! This picture of an adorable young one proves that even babies can have a grumpy old man complex. He looks so serious with his big hat, stern expression and sassy pose – it’s almost too cute for words! 

Source: stonedchristian/Reddit

When this baby grows up, he’ll look back at this photo and realize how mature he was as a tiny tot. He might even show it to his own children one day and have a good laugh about it. Until then, let’s just take comfort in the fact we’re not alone when it comes to those pesky neighbor kids!


From Cabbage Patch Kid to Adult, This Guy Has Come Far!

It’s no secret that the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were a huge hit back in the 80s and 90s. Every kid wanted one of these adorable dolls, and of course, parents had to find a way to get them for their kids.

Source: RidingWithTheGhost/Reddit

Well, now these dolls are collector’s items and if you have one in mint condition it could be worth thousands of dollars! But just take a look at this kid – he doesn’t need any Cabbage Patch Kids today as he used to be one when he was baby!


He's Just Like the Rest of Us - Annoyed By 2020! 

The year 2020 was one none of us will ever forget; for this baby, it was his very first year in the world and he wasn’t too thrilled about it. After spending nine months inside mommy’s tummy, you’d think getting outdoors to explore would be at the top of his agenda. 

Source: allshowernoflower/Reddit

Unfortunately, with lockdowns and social-distancing all over the world, that became an impossible task. We may or may not have had a mini breakdown when the pandemic hit but hey, babies get a pass – maybe that is why this little fella looks so angry? Tell us you don’t relate!


Baby Got Pub: A Toddler Ready to Throw Back Some (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks!

This baby’s little outfit hilariously reminds us of the many older men who have had a long day at work and resorted to the pub for a drink or two. We can just imagine this fellow waiting for his cigar and scotch! 

Source: robwallace7/Reddit

If there was ever a pub specifically designed for babies, we’re sure this guy would be their very first customer. He looks like he has a receding hairline, is middle-aged, married with children who he is struggling to send to university, and all this while dealing with the nagging of his beloved wife. Talk about hard times!


Don't Mess With This Infant! 

This tiny young lady might seem harmless, but don’t let her innocent expression fool you! With an expression that screams “What is it now?!” and a warning to stay away from her wrath, this one-year-old is not someone to be messed with. 

Source: Triggercut72/Reddit

This baby looks like she’s just about had it with mommy changing her nappies for the umpteenth time today, and things are about to get serious. So if you value your life, stay away from this tiny tyke – after all, would you want to face the fury of a one year old? We think not.


Introducing the World’s Grumpiest 80-Year-Old Baby! 

Say hello to the world’s grumpiest old baby who resides deep in the woods – inside an old drum. It looks like this tiny tot has decided to skip out on elementary school, college, and employment altogether, and head straight into a life of retirement. Quite impressive if you ask us! 

Source: Bored Panda

It’s safe to say that this baby is a serious competitor for securing the top spot on our exclusive list of grumpy young babies. So let’s give him his due credit – at least until we find someone grumpier than him!


Little Madonna in the Making?

Picture a baby, only 21 hours old and barely able to open their eyes. Now, picture that same baby striking an iconic pose with perfectly crafted gestures – just like the one and only Madonna!

Source: PelicanParker/Reddit

We’ve all been blessed with this rare sight of fashion forwardness from a newborn, giving us Madonna-levels of excitement as we bask in her early promise for stardom. Her flare is here to stay and she’s bring us joy on the 21st day of the 21st year of this century – the 21st! Let’s welcome our little starlet into the world.


Gordon Ramsay Spotted in Miniature Form! 

Have you ever felt like your baby doesn’t look anything like you? Well, this dad must have felt the same way after his child was born looking exactly like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay! 

Source: Claire8ball/Twitte

With an unimpressed face, signature surly look, and a mood ready to explode with anger at any second, it starts to make you wonder – where was Gordon around ten months ago? We may never know the answer, but one thing is certain – this little man is a miniature version of Mr. Ramsay himself!


Genes are Strong in this Baby! 

This little girl, though barely out of the crib, bears a striking resemblance to her beloved great-great-grandmother. Photos like these never fail to amaze us – it’s as if they could be twins. 

Source: moonlyra/Reddit

The adorable infant seems to have inherited more than looks from her older relative too; she appears just as hard to please! Every time mommy offers something, she disapprovingly shakes her head – not even a bottle of milk can turn that frown upside down! But one thing is sure – no matter how young she is, this diva knows what she wants.


Grandpa and Grandson, Twinsies!

Everyone meet Ben, the baby who believes he looks nothing like his dedushka, though you could be forgiven for looking at their faces side-by-side and thinking they’re identical twins!

Source: bex_boys_and_books/Instagram

From his grandpa’s eyes to his nose to even his forehead, it’s abundantly clear that these two look strikingly similar. But Ben gives us an unimpressed glare any time we point out the resemblance – oh well, you can’t have everything!


Introducing The World's Most Unimpressed Baby: Is There Anything We Can Do Little Guy?

He might just be a few hours old, but already this little bundle of joy has had enough of the world and all its kisses and attention. He looks around with regret and sighs, wishing he’d made better life choices- though it’s too late now and there’s no going back!

Source: yourmomprobably/Reddit

It may look like we’ve got a mischievous mini-me who doesn’t appreciate our affections, but can you blame him? Being born is an exhausting ordeal in itself, let alone having people squeezing, pinching and smothering you in kisses! All that aside though, is there anything we can do to make life a little more comfortable for this disgruntled darling?


A Hilarious Portrayal of Midlife Crisis

Who hasn’t seen a forty year old guy in mid-life crisis mode? He’s stuck at his job with no prospects, married to the wrong woman who never stops lecturing him about money, surrounded by ungrateful children – Ugh!

Source: MykaWorld/Reddit

Look at this baby. It looks like he’s having the same struggle too! Like salt on an open wound, it seems this man’s wife can’t even cook properly! What is that green stuff he’s being fed? I don’t know about you but it doesn’t look so appetizing to me.


This Baby's Got Zero Chill: The Unimpressed Little One

Ahh another newborn in the house, and this one is a real stickler! Forget cooing and drooling, this little one isn’t here for all that. This baby already has an ‘I can take it or leave it’ attitude from day one, nothing more than a tiny bundle of unimpressed sass!

Source: WolfgangSho/Reddit

Just look at that face! Instead of having the usual cherubic happiness associated with most babies, this scrunched-up expression says it all. It’s as if he can’t believe his parents woke him up for a photo shoot – zero chills indeed!


A Baby SO Cute You Just Want to Squish Her!

Sitting here looking at this picture of a happy baby, it almost feels wrong not to give her chubby cheeks a nice squish. Her melt-your-heart cuteness has surely put a spell on us; we are unable to resist the urge to give her an extra tight hug! We hope that she won’t mind too much.

Source: go_ask_your_father/Reddit

Here stands the friendliest adult baby you will ever see. All she needs now is some small spectacles and she can be mistaken for everybody’s favorite grandma on her way for bingo night with the girls. It’s hard not to love her – there’s something about this baby’s infectious smile that makes everyone go ‘aww’!


Grandpa Is Rockin' That Seasonal Sweater!

It’s that time of year again – and nobody could be happier than baby grandpa! He absolutely loves the holidays, and you can tell by the way he’s rockin’ that festive sweater his grandma so lovingly made for him. He knows it’s extra special, because even though he didn’t get to pick it out himself (whoops!), he just can’t help but feel a little more jolly in it.

Source: alljmu/Instagram

The holiday season is always something to look forward to, not only do you have time off from work and an opportunity to buy presents for your nearest and dearest, but there are also delicious feasts aplenty, reunions with family and friends, and plenty of presents for the kids too! Of course, no holiday would be complete without our adorable grandpas – looking their absolute dapperest in those awesome sweaters!


Your Baby's Reaction to the Wrong Music: Is Rap Out of Tune?

It’s no secret that classical music is a must for your mini-me. With research showing that it has beneficial effects on the brain and mood of babies, you’ll want to make sure they’re getting the right kind of tunes.

So stay away from rap music if you don’t want your little one to end up with a disgruntled expression like this guy here! Mozart, Beethoven, and other maestros will have them calm and content in no time – even if you’re not overly keen on the classics yourself.


Welcome to the World Little One... But Don't Look Too Happy About It! 

It’s obvious that this little baby was not keen on leaving his warm, comfy home in mommy’s tummy! After going through what must have been a grueling delivery, he came out without a scratch, yet he doesn’t seem too impressed by this accomplishment. 


Could it be that the doctor pulled him out too hard? Or maybe he just wasn’t quite ready to enter the world? Either way, welcome baby! But don’t look too excited about it.


The Baby Who Wore The Wrong Clothes - And Got An 'F'

No parent should ever put their little one in the wrong outfit, unless it’s for a joke! That’s exactly what happened here with this mischievous baby who was dressed as if they were getting ready to grade math papers. Fortunately, their parents and grandparents must have gotten a good laugh out of it.

Source: pixelSHREDDER/Reddit

We only have one thing to say to this baby’s stylist: you should be sacked immediately! Babies need to look like babies and not chairmen of the PTA. One thing is for sure; clothes really do make the (wo)man, even in this case!


Welcome to the World, Little One! 

This little bundle of joy has just entered the world and could use a bit of extra love. After being cooped up inside the womb, they could certainly use some much-deserved hugs and kisses! 

SOurce: TongueBandit69/Reddit

This baby is one strong little fighter that deserves all our attention. Let’s give them a warm welcome by scooping them up in our arms, showering them with endless kisses, and cradling them with care. Come here sweetheart; you’ve earned your rest after such an eventful day!


Chillin' Like a Villain at the Market: A Super Cool Kid Shopper! 

This little guy looks like he is totally livin’ it up at the market, pushing around his trolley of goodies with a swagger and flair you just don’t see these days. His aunt ought to be proud – not only is this kiddo kitted out perfectly for his shopping excursion, but he’s sporting an attitude that says he already knows he’s got the freshest produce in town! 

Source: Geeze-Us/Reddit

This kiddo’s hat and shoes must have cost a pretty penny – but they look fabulous on him as he saunters around looking for the best ingredients for dinner. We especially love how contented he looks – clearly proud of all his purchases, despite being so young.


Going Bald Already? This 3 Month Old is Pulling Out a Grandpa Look!

It’s quite apparent that not all babies have the same amount of hair when they enter this world; some are blessed with luxurious locks while others come with only sparse amounts. Unfortunately, it gets worse as many babies shed what they had in their first 6 months, and some even go bald in mere weeks.

Source: haught_justin/Instagram

This 3-month-old grandpa-in-the-making already lost his locks and he doesn’t have any teeth either! But don’t be saddened by the baby’s misfortune – look at the bright side, at least he looks snazzy in his bowtie! No need to buy him a hat – this little one is too cute for words. We can barely handle the overload of cuteness from this photo!


Little Don Vito Corleone Strikes Again!

Oh no, here comes trouble! This little one sure looks like a young Don Vito Corleone, with the clothes, pose and expression all spot on. Judging by his discontented look, he’s been plotting some serious revenge on those who wronged him.

Source: williamsdk/Reddit

But being cute has its advantages – he’s pretty confident that his persuasion skills will land him exactly what he wants! “My transformers for your Lego – take it or leave it”, we can only imagine what this mini-mafia boss is cooking up next. Looks like someone is about to get an ‘offer they can’t refuse’!


Who Needs a Professional? When You Can Get Cuteness and Tax Savvy In One!

Are you dreading doing your taxes? We don’t blame you! It can be confusing, tedious and frankly just downright daunting. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! Behold: Our tax genius! He may be new to the business, but he’s still got a winning combination of looks and smarts when it comes to numbers.

Source: buggbomb/Reddit

Plus, we’d pay ridiculous amounts of money for his cuteness alone – why not make use of it!? Forget about hiring an expensive accountant; this guy here has what it takes to save you time and end your frustrations without draining your bank account. What more could you want in a tax guru?!


Grandpa's Grocery Store Surprise - Too Many Lays, Not Enough Pay?!

Grandpa thought it would be a nice idea to tag along with his family when they went to the store. Little did he know that he was in for a huge surprise! He got way more than he bargained for as his family loaded up on every item they could find. Gramps was shocked when they asked him to pay the bill at the end of it all.

Source: CrazyPyro516/Reddit

But wait, there’s more! In addition to all of their other purchases, Grandpa couldn’t believe how many unhealthy chips his family wanted to buy. We can only imagine the look of horror on his face as he watched them fill their basket with an assortment of Lay’s potato chips! It may have been tempting for everyone else… but Grandpa knew better—too much indulgence is definitely bad news. Hang in there, Grandpa!


Ahh! Not the Water!!Grandpa Struggles Through Baby Bath Time

At first, babies are oblivious to the terror that is bath time. They enjoy their splish-splashing in the tub and don’t understand why their parents panic when they try to dump a cup of water on their heads. But soon enough toddlers catch onto the dreadfulness of shampoo rinsing time and start strongly protesting against it.

Source: mammmmm5/Reddit

This adorable grandpa got more than he bargained for when it came time to getting a scrub down – let’s just say there were plenty of tears (from all involved)! But fortunately, this tot looks like he’s going to make it through after all.


Meet the Cutest Baby Grandpa in Town!

Are you looking for Benjamin Button? Well, you don’t have to look too far. We’ve got the cutest little old man right here who is ready to charm everyone with his bald head and wrinkly forehead.

Source: GuntherWheeler/Reddit

Yup, this baby’s mom might be surprised to see him looking more like a grandpa than an infant! But fear not – soon enough he will get a full head of hair worthy of his youthful age and run around all on his own. Who says life isn’t interesting?


Ready for Squishing: Look at the Cuteness of this Chubby Baby

This oh-so-adorable baby’s chubbiness and cuteness is absolutely undeniable as we can all admire the squishy cheeks. Though he may be a little chubbier than others, it doesn’t stop him from flaunting his attitude and enjoying bath time vibes. 

Source: thelittlemisses/Reddit

We’re not afraid to admit that this little guy might just be one of the most squishable babies ever! Who can resist such charm? This cherubic little  man will always have our hearts!


Old Babies? Meet the Tax-Savvy Infant! 

Did you ever think babies could do taxes? Well, this woman’s husband is proof that they can! When she submitted a baby picture of her husband, we had to agree; he looks mature and ready to help with any financial issues. 

Source: xsweetiebellex/Reddit

He was dressed in business attire and looked eager to crunch numbers. So, why not hire him? No one can resist his cuteness when it comes to managing your taxes – plus, it’ll make the bill from the IRS seem much less intimidating!


It's Wallace Shawn! Look-Alike Alert! 

Remember the 90s? That glorious era of neon dungarees and bad perm hairstyles?! Well, we’re here today to remind you of one of its most iconic stars – Mr. Wallace Shawn. With his distinct look and characteristic eyebrow wrinkles, plus that ever thinning hairdo, how can anyone miss him?! 

Source: CatastropheWife/Reddit

Well, impeccable comedic timing or talent for playwriting aside, there is a certain doppelganger out there that comes pretty close. One glance at the baby in the picture above and you betcha it’s pure Wallace Shawn magic! 


A Grumpy Baby's Guide to Unhappy Faces: Why Newborns Make Funny Faces 

We’ve all asked ourselves why babies make funny faces. Afterall, it looks like they’re copying our expressions – but this isn’t actually the case! Newborns don’t imitate expressions, no matter how much of a good impression those puppy dog eyes try to give. 

Source: mrsjamijackson/Instagram

Instead, those little ones are just expressing their innate behaviors. Of course, as they get older and learn from us adults, their facial expressions can change. But when they’re newborns? That grumpy face is all due to colic or gas – not any influence from us!


Grandma Got Nothing on This Baby!

Oh look, it’s a granny who wants her beauty sleep! This adorable bundle of joy may look like she’s resting up to wreak some havoc, but we suggest you think again – this little one is not playing around. If you dare disturb her from her nap-time slumber, prepare for the consequences! 

Source: httpabigaillll/Reddit

New parents out there don’t have time to catch even a wink of sleep in those early months, so if you’re lucky enough to spot a sleeping baby angel, be sure to give them (and yourself!) some peace and quiet. Trust us when we say you’ll all be thankful for it.