These Tweets Prove You’re Not Alone in Apartment Living Struggles

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Nov 05, 2023

An apartment can be a rollercoaster of emotions as a result of everything from noisy neighbors to cramped spaces. But hey, you’re not alone on the ride! These relatable tweets perfectly capture the reality of apartment living.

So sit back, relax, and get a kick out of the comedic relief—because sometimes, that’s all you can do when living the apartment life. 

When Good Enough Is Enough

In the world of apartment living, sometimes you must make sacrifices, including settling for a replacement tile that isn’t the exact match. That’s the relatable scenario that Twitter user @Camcrox found themself in when their landlord asked if a not-quite-matching tile could suffice. 


Source: @CamCrox/Twitter

We have all been there—whether it’s learning to live with noisy neighbors or accepting flawed repairs, we have to adjust our expectations. So next time you face a less-than-ideal situation, remember: sometimes, good enough is enough. 


When Landlords Become Roommates: The Sad Reality of Living Too Close for Comfort

Sometimes, living near your landlord might seem convenient. After all, they are just a stone’s throw away should you need something or have a question. But according to Twitter user @droffilcasepam1, it can quickly become a nightmare scenario.


Source: @droffilcasepam1/Twitter

From feeling repeatedly stalked to dealing with their regular presence, having your landlord as a neighbor can be annoying. So take it from those who have learned the hard way—sometimes, it’s better to keep a safe distance and enjoy privacy and independence in your space. 

A Furry Ovine Solution

For most pet owners, giving up their beloved furry friends is unthinkable. But what would you do when your landlord says “No dogs allowed?” Twitter user @AndrainAssman had an unconventional solution—masquerade their canine companion as a sheep. 


Source: Memes/Facebook

Yes, you read that correctly! They hacked their landlord’s no-dog policy by claiming their dog was a sheep. Although it’s still unclear how the landlord reacted to this creative workaround, it’s a relatable case for anyone who has dealt with restrictive pet policies. And who knows if we’ll be seeing more sheepdogs in the future! 

How Paying Rent Can Feel Like Making a Deal With the Devil

Let’s face it—paying rent is never a fun experience. For many tenants, the monthly battle to make ends meet sometimes feels like a Faustian bargain. Twitter user @QueenVofCoffee captured this emotion in a too-relatable tweet. 


Source: @QueenVofCoffee/Twitter

From living paycheck to paycheck to being frustrated about the high cost of living, it’s easy to have a mental and emotional breakdown. But don’t lose hope—you’re not alone in this struggle. And who knows? Perhaps one day there will be ways to make renting less soul-crushing. 

The Great Pet Rent Debate

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve possibly experienced the term “pet rent” at some point in your apartment living journey. Like many other pet parents, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What is pet rent, and why must I pay it?”

Source: @AriannaDantone/Twitter

Twitter user @AriannaDantone summed up this feeling in a laughable tweet that’s way too relatable for anyone who’s been hit with this extra fee. After all, pets don’t use utilities, so why must they contribute to the rent? Irrespective of your stance on this issue, one thing is certain: Pet rent is a thorn in the side of many pet owners. 


Debunking the 3x Rent Myth

A common condition for renting an apartment is that you make at least three times the monthly rent in income. But do you ask yourself if the people working in the leasing office meet these requirements? 

Source: @STARBUXHD/Twitter

Twitter user @STARBUXHD shared a tweet that sheds some light on this topic. They suggested that leasing office staff might not make three times the rent. This fact surely resonates with many tenants struggling to meet this requirement. While this is merely an off-handed comment, it makes a valid point about unrealistic expectations put on tenants. 


Cooking Up a Storm for Envious Neighbors

One satisfying component of cooking is having others notice your delicious creations. Twitter user @angeleyesash captured this development in a relatable tweet about the extras of apartment living. It’s a feeling that many tenants can relate to—the joy of cooking a mouthwatering meal and having the aroma drift down the hallway. 

Source: @angeleyesash/Twitter

Although it may seem like a small perk of apartment living, it can influence the overall experience. So if you’re an avid cook and tenant, be comfortable with your delicious creations. They may be the envy of your neighbors.


The Ultimate Vibe Killer: The Dreaded Rent Payment

Like @QueenvofCofee, Twitter user @jennyautumn also mentioned this feeling about the ultimate vibe kill. They emphasized how paying rent can easily obtund even the best of moods. After all, who wants to think about bills when trying to enjoy life? 

Source: @jennyautumn/Twitter

Thankfully, you are not alone. Many tenants share the same feeling of frustration when paying rent. So the next time you’re down about having to part with your cash, remember there are many someones like you out there.


The Uncomfortable Reality of Prying Neighbors

Imagine trying to relish peace in your home, only to be interrupted by a nosy neighbor who can’t keep their eyes to themselves. Twitter user @vvictorman_uel tweeted about an old neighbor who’s a friend of the landlord and is always outside staring at them.

Source: @vvictorman_uel/Twitter

This is an uncomfortable situation many renters have likely found themselves in at one point or another. Whether it’s a neighbor who insists on starting up a conversation anytime you cross paths or one who always looks over your shoulder, dealing with nosy neighbors can be frustrating. 


When Your Landlord Wants to Avoid Tax

Although rent payment is necessary for most renters, it can also come with its fair share of risks. Twitter user @JenikaMc emphasized one such risk in their relatable tweet. Her landlord requested rent payments via Zelle but warned against including identifying information in the payment description. 

Source: @JenikaMc/Twitter

Despite the stipulation, they couldn’t help but add the apartment number and even click “yes” on the “Is this a good and/or purchase?” prompt. Sorry, landlord.  


Always on The Landlord’s Mind

It’s that time of the month again, and as you scramble to pay your rent, you realize that the only person who cares about your financial well-being is your landlord. 

Source: @Choskie/Twitter

Whether it’s from a place of genuine care might be debatable, but one thing is certain: you have one person who thinks about you each month—your dear landlord! 


When the Landlord Saves the Day (Sort Of)

There is this sense of reassurance you have when you know that your landlord is just a phone call away. But sometimes, their responses to your queries can be a little underwhelming. 

Source: Connor Wood/Twitter

This tweet captures the mixed emotions of calling your landlord for help, only to have them come over to turn off a burner on your stovetop. On the one hand, there is a sense of relief that the gas smell is gone but you will also likely feel silly for not noticing the burner on in the first place. 


Living Rent-Free Like a Boss: Momma's Full Nest Edition

While some are busy worrying about rent day, a lucky few live rent-free, thanks to the ultimate landlord: their momma. 

Source: @ALMIGHTYSWA4VY/Twitter

Twitter user @ALMIGHTYSWA4VY talks about how they don’t have to worry about late fees or rent hikes, just housing and endless love. If you are like this user, consider yourself blessed, and don’t forget to hug your momma. 


Landlord vs. Paypal: The Battle for Paying Rent

Many landlords have their preferred methods of rent payment. But what happens when their choice clashes with your preferred payment platform? This Twitter user @teetumm shared their experience of rent payment via PayPal, only to have their landlord insist on receiving payment as “friends and family” instead of the “goods and services” options. 

Source: @teetumm/Twitter

To make things worse, the landlord refused the payment and made them resend it as “friends and family.” This instance begs the question: Should you pay rent to your “family?” 


Deadbeat Doggos: When Fido Is Late with the Rent

Being a pet owner is tough, particularly when paying extra for housing your furry friend in your apartment. But what happens when this roommate falls behind on their portion of the rent? Would you take away their toys or evict them?

Source: @1_800_Drewidia/Twitter

With a tongue-in-cheek tone, this tweet alludes to the silliness of expecting a dog to pay rent while poking fun at the idea of a “deadbeat” pet. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, remember to give your pup extra love. After all, they’re worth it even though they can’t share the bills. 


Caught in the Act: When You Spot Your Landlord in Public on Rent Day

Image this scenario: You’re out and about, minding your business, when suddenly you spot your landlord.

Source: @goIfIefleur/Twitter

Your heart sinks as you remember that rent is unpaid. The panic sets in as you avoid eye contact, hoping they don’t notice you. It may be a rare renter’s dilemma, but this tweet captures the feeling. Can you relate? 


When a Simple Text Becomes a Laugh-Out-Loud Moment

You never quite know what you’ll get from your landlord when renting an apartment, but one thing is certain: they can provide some hilarious moments. 

Source: Getty Images

Twitter user @Hellion_pylori shared a tweet about the unexpected humor that can arise from landlord-tenant communication. They couldn’t help but laugh at the text from their landlord, as it was just too ridiculous. Anyone who’s dealt with a quirky or unduly formal landlord can relate. 


Cleaning, Netflix, Repeat

Imagine struggling to clean the house and getting stuck into a binge-watch session of your favorite show. Before you know it, you’ve consumed three seasons, and the cleaning is still undone. It’s a classic case of failing to balance productivity with the irresistible allure of entertainment. 

Source: @ihoplollipop/Twitter

Twitter user @ihoplollipop discusses how easy it is to get distracted by the constant temptation of Netflix and other streaming platforms. So if you’re in the same boat, don’t be mad at yourself for occasionally getting sidetracked by a great series. Instead, try to enjoy your downtime in moderation.