This Ex-Navy SEAL Keeps Wealthy Individuals Safe During Vacations

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Oct 28, 2023

Most of the activities of elite military forces are shrouded in secrecy. However, based on an interview with an ex-member of the Special Forces, we got the inside scoop on an interesting initiative called Servius.

Simply put, these guys were Navy SEALs before retiring and providing their security proficiencies as a private service. 

Creation of the Servius Group

The Servius Group is a private security outfit co-founded by two ex-Navy SEALs in 2020. These men have been on dangerous military special operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. 


Source: Servius Group/ Facebook

The idea that made the Servius Group what it is today was born during a vacation with an affluent family. A wealthy family invited one of the co-founders to tag along on their vacation to the Monaco Yacht Show. Whoever saw him at the show would have mistaken the ex-Navy SEAL as a member of this rich family. However, he was there strictly to provide security. 

Fleshing Out the Idea of the Servius Group

The company’s founders then decided to bring on other ex-Special Forces personnel like themselves. They would later invite more team members that were former Marines, Rangers, and Navy SEALs. A simple explanation of the company’s mission statement is to provide top-notch security for wealthy people and their assets. 


Source: Servius Group/Facebook

Sometimes the company is the one who organizes vacations for these families. They take care of every family member’s location, logistics, and security during such trips. 

The Servius Group Security Services

The interesting thing about this group is that their services are not available to everyone. Only the exceptionally rich can afford them. When security personnel of Servius Group is to accompany a family on vacation, they start to work a month before. Often, they take the initiative by scouting the location beforehand, screening staff members at the host facility, and similar precautions. 


Source: Servius Group/ Facebook

Though they’re special ops, you will never see Servius Group personnel wearing a wire or dress in a way that would give them off as security operatives. 

Contractual Do's and Don't's

While these special ops men give their exceptional military and security training in exchange for money, they are still governed by certain professional ethics. 


Source: Servius Group/ Facebook

For example, though they mostly dance to the tune of their wealthy clients, Servius personnel try to avoid last-minute additions to the list of people going for any given vacation. Also, they would never be photographed or have their identity exposed. They’ll also never acquire or trade drugs for any client.