This Is What Happens in France When Customers Ask to Split the Bill

By: Lauren | Last updated: Nov 17, 2023

In a recent TikTok video, user @rosarrrria tells her followers, “Tip when visiting the South of France: Don’t ask to split the bill.”

She then goes on to show what happened when she and a friend did exactly that; the server did technically split the bill for them, but not in the way they were hoping for.

How Did the Server Split the Bill?

Apparently, when @rosarrrria asked the French server to split their bill, the server complied by literally ripping her bill down the middle and then presenting it on a silver tray.


Source: @rosarrrria/TikTok

The video didn’t comment as to what @rosarrrria and her friend did next. It’s likely they were so surprised that one of them simply paid the bill in full. But not before taking the hilarious video that has now gone viral.

What Did the Rest of TikTok Have to Say?

TikTokers around the world have weighed in on the situation. Some say that there was a language barrier, though many French residents have reported that servers in France know exactly what splitting a bill means and can do so correctly.


Source: @rosarrrria/TikTok

Others suggested that splitting the bill simply isn’t as common in Europe, and the server likely didn’t want to go through the hassle of splitting it, so they made a joke instead.

@rosarrrria’s French Holiday

But one of the most common comments on the video is some variation of “But why are you splitting $35?” You can clearly see the trifling total on the bottom of the ‘split’ check, and people from around the world are actually giving @rosarrrria quite a hard time for splitting such a small amount.


Source: @rosarrrria/TikTok

Especially since her previous video showing her French holiday certainly makes it seem like this woman is not on any kind of budget.

Should Vacationers Adjust Customer Service Expectations Abroad?

In the USA, customer service in restaurants is really above and beyond what most other cultures consider standard practice. And this video certainly poses the question: Should we adjust our expectations when dining abroad?


Source: Emizentech

While you can still ask your server in Europe to split your bill, bring you an extra plate, or leave the tomatoes off your salad, you should probably expect that they may not do everything you ask. Just enjoy being in Europe, and use Venmo instead!