Woman Spends $185 on Every Bag of Peanuts on Her Flight Because of Extreme Allergy

By: Lauren | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

On a recent Eurowings flight from Düsseldorf to London, a woman with an extreme peanut allergy was forced to purchase $185 worth of peanuts on board in order to ensure they would not be sold to other travelers. 

Leah Williams asked flight attendants to refrain from selling peanuts due to her life-threatening allergy, but they refused. 

What Happened to Leah Williams?

Here’s exactly what happened: Leah Williams had taken a flight with Eurowings from London to Düsseldorf earlier that day. On that flight, she informed the crew of her severe allergy and they happily made an announcement explaining that they would not be selling peanuts. 


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However, on the flight back to London, she did the same, but the flight crew refused her request saying that it was against airline policy to refrain from selling peanuts. 

Why Leah Williams Bought 48 Bags of Peanuts

Because Leah had recently broken out in hives on a flight where a nearby passenger was eating peanuts, she knew she had to do something to keep herself safe. 


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So she decided to purchase every bag of peanuts on the plane to ensure they weren’t opened. There were 48 bags of peanuts, which cost Leah $185. The staff was so unaware of the severity of her allergy, they actually asked her if she wanted the nuts. 

What is Eurowings’ Policy?

Eurowings, which is owned by Lufthansa, doesn’t have an exact allergy policy on their website.


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However, it does state that because it cannot prevent passengers from bringing nuts on board, “Eurowings is unable to guarantee that the aircraft is free of foodstuffs that may trigger an allergic reaction, such as peanuts.”

Will Airline Allergy Policies Change?

Williams is not the only passenger who has experienced this issue, but she is hoping that this story will force Eurowings and other airlines to update their policies and refrain from selling peanuts on flights. 


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So far, the only response from Eurowings has been a half-hearted apology: “We are very sorry that the flight with us did not go as smoothly as desired and we regret any inconvenience this has caused Leah Williams.”