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Brave Lion Fights to Save Her Cub From Drowning in River

Source: UPI

We all love a good wild animal rescue story, and this recent river rescue from a powerful mama lion is an excellent one.

In a heart-wrenching event, a lion cub was carried away by the strong currents of a flooding river, struggling to stay afloat as it battled for survival. Despite its valiant efforts, the cub was once again swept away from its mother. However, this time, the mother lion sprang into action, diving into the water to rescue her beloved offspring from the grips of the rushing river.

Through her courage and determination, the mother’s love prevailed, and the cub was safely brought back to land.

Callum Robertson, a guide at Sabi Sands, managed to seize a unique moment on camera, giving the photos to the team over at

Callum noted that after an extensive search, they eventually discovered the lion cubs’ approximate location and cautiously made their way toward them. When they arrived, they were anxious to see that the lions were located on the opposite side of a river that was rapidly rising due to heavy rainfall.

“The cubs emerged from the safety of the reeds, preparing to navigate the treacherous waters, and we couldn’t help but feel tense as we watched them take their first steps into the current,” said Robertson.

Lions are usually not keen on water and typically swim only when they must. Hence, it came as a shock when the cubs exhibited a desire to cross the river.

“Our hearts were in our throats, and one of my guests even averted her gaze, unable to witness the scene that was unfolding before us,” said Robertson. “Ultimately, a wave of relief washed over us as the mother lion was able to make it to the opposite bank with one of her cubs. However, the question of how she would retrieve the remaining cub still lingered, leaving us on edge.”

The devotion and maternal instincts of lionesses are truly remarkable. These majestic creatures are known to shield their cubs from harm, provide them with essential hunting skills, and nourish them with their milk until they grow up and are able to fend for themselves.

Robertson noted that despite their momentary sense of relief, their hopes were dashed as the second cub was carried away by the ferocious river current.

“We stood in horror as we witnessed the cub’s struggle to keep its head above water. However, to our astonishment, the young lion managed to make its way back toward its mother, leaving us on the edge of our seats as we waited to see how the mother lion would react.”

Fortunately, the mother lioness demonstrated her courage and strength and leaped into the water to save her cub.

Robertson said that the entire crew was in awe as they watched her swim towards the struggling cub and guide it back to land, away from the perilous currents. The little cubs ultimately made it safe, and all was well on the Savannah.


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