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Why Travel To Paris? This Is Why

Paris may seem like an obvious choice for your dreamboard–the city of love. But sometimes because it is so obvious it actually ends up getting skipped over! People tend to think it might be too crowded or over-hyped. You know that cliche that cliches are cliches for a reason (are you dizzy?), well such is the way with Paris.

Paris is the capital of France and is one of Europe’s most visited cities. It has an ambiance of sophistication and excitement that is hard to find anywhere else. It can be enjoyed by both the wealthy and rolling on a budget if done right. From the world famous cuisine, dynamic high-fashion, and a complete hub of art and culture, it is one city you do not want to miss. We’ve listed a few reasons why you should make Paris a high priority on your dream board.

The Famous Landmarks
If you’re looking to stand in awe of humanity’s capacity for artistic and architectural expression, book your trip right this second. We’re sure you know the world’s most famous monuments, the Eiffel Tower, which is essentially the symbol of Paris. It lights up in shimmery gold during the evening and is quite the sight to see.

Another big hot spot to hit is the Louvre, which is a museum chalk full of paintings and sculptures to make even the least art informed person swoon. The Louvre is the largest museum in all the world

Notre Dame Cathedral
This old and looming Gothic cathedral is too a symbol of Paris and has even been the setting of a very famous Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The construction of the cathedral began in 1160 and went through a lot of ups and downs during its long history.

In the late 2000s it caught on fire and much of it was burnt. But the cathedral has been through a lot. It will always be a symbol of Paris and will be rebuilt over and over again.

Amazing French Food
Parisian food is another amazing reason to visit this beautiful city. French cuisine has earned its spot in the world of high class and delicious. Who do you think invented the Michelin-star system? Le French.

If you’re wondering what to order here are some tips: Soupe à l’oignon, which is a delicious and heartwarming beef stock and onion soup (also known as onion soup), Bouillabaisse (a fish soup seafood stew), Steak-Frites (pan sauteed steak with french fries), Beef Bourguignon (a beef cooked with red wine along with mushrooms), are all classic French cuisine.

It’s a “Do Not Miss”
Paris is a part of our cultural fabric for a reason. It is why so many famous artists throughout time have fled there, time and time again. There is no place like the city of love, but you’ll have to uncover that for yourself.


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