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The Einstein Syndrome: Albert Einstein and His Cosmic Effect

Most of us have heard the name Albert Einstein, and when we do we think of the word “genius.” He has many popular works that have shaped how we view the world of modern physics. He developed the most famous equation in the world, E=mc2. He contributed to many leaps and bounds, breakthrough breakthrough after breakthrough, and left a huge impact on the world.

He gave his insight into the way the universe works before departing into the ether, but we are still left with all the knowledge that he gifted us with (he left behind 300 scientific papers and 150 non-scientific works). But there was also so much more to him than just his superior knowledge. For some fun facts, keep reading. He was an interesting guy.

“Einstein Syndrome”
Albert was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1879. He was born with a misshapen head and an incredibly overweight body. This was incredibly concerning to his parents who were afraid hre was deformed. His head started taking shape within a few weeks (maybe because the brain was going to be so big?!).

He was also a late talker, which was likely also concerning for his parents. But again, he probably had a lot to think about, and his brain was probably taking its sweet time to develop into the masterpiece that it was. Due to this theorist Thomas Sowell later dubbed this “Einstein Syndrome” to describe bright children who also experience later language emergence.
He earned his mathematics and physics diploma when he was 17 years old.

He Did Not Like Wearing Socks
It seems like a given that a brilliant scientist would be a little quirky. Albert Einstein was not a fan of wearing any sock on his feet and was in fact quite proud of that. The reason for this was that whenever he wore socks his big toe would inevitably pop through.

Being the problem solver that he was , he deduced that he should not wear shoes at all. He preferred sandals anyway, which for some reason completely fits his whole mad scientist schtick. When he did need to attend important events, he would wear high-cut boots to hide that he was not wearing socks.

At One Point He Was A Stateless Individual
When Albert was born he became a citizen of the German Empire. However, under the approval of his father, he gave up his German citizenship to avoid military service. Because of this, Albert was a stateless individual for five years. He went on to become a naturalized citizen of Switzerland, and kept his Swiss citizenship for the rest of his life.

Albert moved back to Zurich, Germany, but not for long. Einstein eventually made his way to the United States, but it was under duress as the Second World War raged on. Einstein was an outspoken Zionist and was not safe under the Nazi regime. He lived and worked in New Jersey for the rest of his life. He never returned to Germany.


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