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TikTok Recieves Backlash For Comparing Her Vacation at the Amalfi Coast to ‘Manual Labor’

Source: Lexi Jordan/Tik Tok

Lexi Jordan, also known as @milleniallex on Tik Tok, has publicly expressed her displeasure with influencers who never disclosed how stressful it is for tourists to reach the Amalfi Coast. She believes the influencers who suggested the Amalfi Coast on her “For You” page for the past two months deserve jail time, considering they did not detail how strenuous it was to get to the tourist spot. She said they only showed the “gorgeous coastline and the cute little towns,” but they never mentioned how “impossible” it was to get there. 

In her viral post with over 800,000 views, Lexi Jordan mentioned the rigorous process of getting to the Amalfi Coast, including flying to Naples, taking a train from Naples to Sorrento, standing in 90-degree weather waiting for a ferry, and getting on it with all her luggage. She further stated that getting to the highest point of the Amalfi Coast requires 160 stairs with all her luggage. 

She ended her video with the conclusion that the Amalfi Coast does not have the infrastructure to support the tourism it offers. In her caption, she says, “Honestly, my main takeaway is if you are gonna come here, don’t make the same mistake I did— go for at least a week, and definitely not TWO days.” 

Lexi Jordan’s post is getting traction on Tik Tok, with many viewers offering their opinions. While some people sympathize with her and relate to her experience, others think she should have researched the location before going there. Some users offered alternative options for getting to the Amalfi Coast, including taking a private car from Rome, hiring a private driver from Naples to Positano, or taking a ferry from Naples to Capri. 

Many people think she should not have embarked on her trip without knowing how to get there. Others expected her to have been better prepared, while some viewers expressed shock at how surprised she was about her experience and wondered if she traveled much.

A user said, “It’s not impossible to get there just because you can’t take your SUV there,” another added, “Do people do research when traveling???”  A different user advised her not to travel if she cannot handle the associated stress, while others complained that some people want to travel without “traveling.”

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, named after the town of Amalfi. It is regarded as one of the most picture-perfect destinations in Italy and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Due to its beautiful towns, houses, and beaches, the Amalfi coast has a picturesque scenery that excites tourists, attracting millions of visitors during summer. 

However, the roads to the location are narrow, with a series of sharp bends, requiring some back-and-forth to get there. Regardless of your desired means of transportation, it’s best to book before your trip.


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