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This River Has a 100% Mortality Rate; Coined the ‘Deadliest Stretch of Water’

Source: The Yorkshireman

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s stories like these that remind us just how deadly our planet can be.

Nestled within the lush countryside of Yorkshire, England, is the deceptively tranquil Bolton Strid, a section of the popular River Wharfe. Despite its beauty, this seemingly innocent stretch of water has earned the reputation of being the “world’s deadliest river.”

The Wharfe meanders its way through the Yorkshire region, stretching hundreds of kilometers. Though it wears a haunting badge, it’s filled with diverse wildlife, including crayfish, otters, and various bird species. Many locals enjoy fishing and boating here.

However, the deadly segment of the river, known as the Bolton Strid, has captured the attention of people for centuries.

It starts out as a 30-foot-wide section on the river, with calm, slow-flowing waters. As you move a short distance downstream, though, it squeezes through a narrow
six-foot-wide channel in the rock, creating treacherous whirlpools and high-speed flow.

Even with its seemingly narrow width, the Bolton Strid is exceptionally deep, concealing a network of caves beneath the surface that can prove fatal if caught in them.

Local legends surrounding the Bolton Strid claim that anyone who falls into its waters is doomed, and some people report seeing the ghost of a white horse trotting alongside the edge of the water where people have drowned.

A sign is posted along the water’s edge to warn visitors of the dangers, though still, the river has claimed numerous victims over the years. The earliest recorded fatality involved a young boy named William de Romilly. Sometimes in the 1100s, he attempted to jump across the six-foot gap in the dangerous Bolton Strid.

He was said to have been holding his dog on a leash, though when he leaped, his dog refused, pulling him into the river. While he was never seen again, his story inspired poet William Wordsworth’s famous work, “The Force of Prayer.”

In the 1930s, Arthur Reginald Smith, a local watercolor artist, drowned while trying to get across the river, and in 1998, newlyweds Barry and Lynn Collett were swept away near the Bolton Strid after a devastating flash flood, just two days after their wedding.

Despite the river’s deadly history, tragic accidents happen here relatively often.

In fact, in 2010, Aaron Page, at only eight-years-old, fell into the water during his birthday party on the riverbanks. Page’s older brother attempted to save him but was unable to hold on, and Aaron was sucked under.

There’s a reason that the Bolton Strid has a reputation as the world’s most dangerous body of water, and incidents like these solidify it.

So, if you ever find yourself visiting the Bolton Strid in Yorkshire, England, don’t let the seeming serenity of the water fool you. Now, you know that beneath the calm facade hides a lethal secret, filled with twisting currents, warping whirlpools, and networks of underwater caves you’d never want to experience firsthand.

Written By Tyler Connaghan

Tyler is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He has been featured in numerous publications throughout various industries, including digital marketing, travel, sports, music, lifestyle, and more. When not writing, Tyler enjoys his time spent in nature, whether the beaches of Southern California, the mountain ranges in the Sierra Nevadas, or the deserts of Yucca Valley.

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