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Visitor Accidentally Films a UFO While Snapping a Selfie

Source - Ramiro Navarro / Jam Press

Humans have had a longstanding obsession with UFOs.

Many of us would love to believe we’re all part of some intergalactic reality show, eagerly waiting for a surprise guest appearance from little green beings. Some people are happy to drop everything in their lives, put on their tinfoil hats, and stare at the night sky for hours, just for the small hope that they can catch a glimpse of a craft from another world. 

Even so, most of us never experience alien life, so when we hear firsthand accounts from others, it’s easy to be skeptical.

One of the most recent alien stories comes from a tourist who unknowingly captured a UFO in the background while taking a selfie at the sand dunes in the desert.

The man in question is Ramiro Navarro, who said that he was visiting the Dunes of Bilbao in Coahuila, Mexico when he took the photo. However, it wasn’t until several weeks later that he noticed the mysterious object floating in the sky high above the dunes behind him.

While some X-Files fanatics would be quick to drum up a complex conspiracy about their encounter, Navarro was surprisingly playful about the whole situation.

Sharing the image, Navarro made the remark that he was seen, yet not taken away.

His post quickly went viral, inviting speculation from curious social media users about what in the world this unidentified flying object he captured on the horizon could be.

Local residents hopped on to join the conversation and share their own opinions. 

One person, who has clearly heard their fair share of desert UFO stories, couldn’t resist, “A UFO, of course!” 

Another person came in strong with the jokes, saying, “Take me away, brother.” 

However, as reports of other UFO sightings in nearby areas began to surface, the photograph’s mystery took a much deeper turn.

In a separate but similar incident that took place in April, a mysterious discovery came to light in Santa María Regla, which lies just northeast of Mexico City. 

A few construction workers, who were renovating an abandoned warehouse nearby, discovered a peculiar fetus with features resembling a goblin. The mummified remains, believed to be linked to a goblin, often referred to as a “nagual” or “shape-shifter” in Mesoamerican mythology, are currently on display at the Huasca de Ocampo Goblin Museum.

People in the region were absolutely fascinated by the discovery of this small-bodied creature, especially considering its unique features, such as its tail, claws, and pronounced nose. 

The idea that this creature could have existed here is not so unusual, however, as the area is renowned for its legends about naguals, goblins, and other mystical entities. The mayor of Huasca de Ocampo recognized the social and cultural importance of this finding, given the local community’s deep-rooted fascination with mystical folklore.

Combined with the recent UFO sighting, curiosity about extraterrestrial phenomena and the supernatural has exploded, and many are being drawn to the mysterious allure of the region.


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